Transformational Speaker Training


Transformational Speaker Training will give you the most powerful skills to influence and inspire from the platform. Even if currently, the fear of public speaking is your greatest fear, you will emerge as an unstoppable force, able to keep your audiences glued to their seats for hours.

Forget the fear of public speaking and embrace the new, confident and inspiring you. You will learn how to connect with an audience, inspire curiosity, make your content interesting and captivating, how to handle hecklers and critics, and how to add humor into your presentations. This course will change your life and massively expand your charisma.

COURSE DATES: Nov 23-25, 2024
9am – 6pm

Transformation Speaker Training: Hypnotic
Presentation Skills for Immediate Impact

Capitvate, Eduacte, and Inspire on the Fly

Is the idea of presenting in front of a group the most terrifying thought for you?

Do you feel nervous and anxious every time you present, or suddenly get “blocked” having lost your stream of thought, despite being well prepared, only to experience your creative ideas re-emerging, after the presentation?

If this is you, you cannot afford not to attend the life changing Transformational Speaker Training, which was specifically designed with the most advanced hypnosis and NLP tools, to help any speaker become inspiring and spontaneously creative.

Whether you are a complete novice, a professional speaker who wants to make your presentations more exciting and inspiring, or someone who considers public speaking scarier than death itself, this training will change your life.

Why Do You Need Transformational
Speaker Training?

Speaker Training - Live with Power

The Transformational Speaker training has been labelled, “NLP on steroids” because in only three days you will become masterful at delivering spontaneous, creative, always inspiring presentations, uniquely adjusted for every audience in the moment.

Erase the fear of public speaking and release your creative freedom

You will not only completely get rid of your fear of public speaking but also get the NLP and hypnosis skills to connect with any audience, keeping them glued to their seats for hours and days.


In only 3 skill-packed days, you will become a master of audience engagement, an entertainer, a riveting storyteller, a hypnotist with words, and an artist with creative ideas they will love.

This is possible because you will learn how to delve deep into the subconscious of your audience, how to trigger instant curiosity, which only increases as you continue presenting.

Keep any audience spell-bound for hours and days

You will be able to bring any audience into the experience of co- creating magical journeys, where you are the “conductor” and they, the “orchestra”.  Together you will always create memorable experiences.

The skills you will get in this training will enable you to address disruptions, handle hecklers and critics, and utilize “not knowing” to your advantage. Never again will you feel intimidated, anxious or “blocked”, and when you do, you will have the skills to recover.

Your content will always be interesting and spontaneously humorous when needed.

Dazzle Any Audience and Hold them Spellbound with These Skills…

Dazzle Any Audience and Hold them Spellbound with These Skills…

Get rid of the fear of public speaking, performance anxiety or nervousness when presenting.

Get the most powerful NLP and hypnosis skills and tools to create instant rapport with your audience, and break through resistance in an instant.

Unleash your creativity, enabling you to spontaneously come up with additional, off the cuff content, to make your presentation more interesting.

Learn how to utilize humor in all your presentations.

Discover the 10 key hypnosis tools inspirational speakers use, to influence mindsets and behaviors.

Take control of hecklers, critics and disruptors with ease and elegance.

Master the subliminal art of crafting an inspirational speech. There are 8 key elements you must include to ensure continuous audience engagement.

Learn how to close the sale from the stage with few key subliminal influence sales techniques and strategies, they won’t resist.

Master the art of body language to project confidence and immediate authority.

Learn how to use your voice to influence others. This one skill will change the way others relate to you.

….and Much More….

Transform into an influential presence on any stage!

Register now and become the magnetic speaker you always wanted to be.

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