Transformational Speaker Training


If you want to become a charismatic speaker and facilitator, always keeping your audiences fully involved and “eating your every word”, this is the training for you. Not only will you turn into a powerful, inspirational presence on any stage, but you will also get the skills facilitate deep transformations in your audience members. There is a reason, this training has been called, “NLP on Steroids”.


DATES: To Be Announced
(9am-1pm Mountain Standard Time)

Transformational Speaker Training

You are about to join the most powerful professional and personal transformational Speaker Training there is.

This will completely empower you and transform you into an inspirational presence wherever you go. From now on you will exude absolute confidence, charisma, and personal power.

When its time to speak in front of groups, you will dazzle them with your creative presentations and spontaneous powerful stories.

The training is more than just a Public Speaking Course. It is a life changing, transformational experience, where you will access your full creative potential and learn how to inspire others from the stage.

Whether you are seasoned public speaking master or a fearful novice, here you will learn powerful transformational skills you will not learn anywhere else.

In just three short days you will be able to deliver a spontaneous inspirational speech, surprising yourself at your creativity. Your inner self is about to transform too as you step into a whole new level of confidence, wherever you are.

Why Do You Need Transformational
Speaker Training?

A survey of 3,500 communications experts, shows that the ability to influence and inspire top the list of needed skills to move forward in their careers. When you have become an exceptional presenter, you can rapidly move up the corporate ladder and can kick open the doors to new career opportunities.

Whether you are delivering a sales pitch or presenting to a larger audience, you absolutely need the influence skills offered by Transformational Speaker Training.

Live with Power Transformational Speaker Training will give you the exact tools you absolutely need to look and sound like a leader, and able to impact your audience’s emotions and decisions.

How is the training delivered?

Transformational Speaker is an intensive training to help you become confident, persuasive, inspiring and creative on any stage, regardless the size of your audience.

Through interactive exercises, spontaneous presentations, role playing, and multilayered hypnosis skills training, you will learn how to structure powerful presentations, spontaneously come up with great content, and deliver presentations that will engage and dazzle your audiences. 

We can help you with your performance anxiety too…

If the thought of public speaking makes you break in a cold sweat and hives, I will help you eliminate those once and for all.

Because this is also a hypnosis training, the tools will be applied to erase your self-defeating performance anxiety and eliminate fear. You will be astounded at how confident you will become on any stage and in front of any size audience.

Transformational Speaker Training will help you:

Become an inspired, inspirational, persuasive, and influential presenter

Gain absolute confidence and become dynamic and interesting in your presentations

Influence others from the stage

Look and sound like a leader

Create instant and deep connection with your audience, visually, vocally, and verbally

Project powerful and confident body language

Learn self-hypnosis skills you can use to take full control of your nerves, and turn nervous tension into spontaneous creativity

Take control of disrupting audience members

Rapidly recover when you “lost” your audience

Use hypnotic questions to get and keep them engaged

Create a powerful punch line to get them reengaged

Structure your presentations for maximum impact

Create perfect opening to any presentation

Influence using hypnotic language

Use humor to keep them entertained

Close more sales

Develop subliminal leadership and gain respect and trust

….and Much More….

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