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Harness the Full Power of NLP and Hypnosis with

Structural Psychology

the groundbreaking framework
for Precision, Efficiency, Rapid Breakthroughs

Structural Psychology is the missing strategic key that NLP practitioners, hypnotists, and coaches need to consistently achieve rapid, profound breakthroughs, particularly when tackling complex client issues.

It serves as the vital tool to logically organize the extensive NLP and hypnosis techniques into the most precise and efficient diagnostic process, enabling you to get to the real root issue of any problem fast, and always devise the best strategy to facilitate a rapid transformation.

Through my experience and observation, I’ve noted that many seasoned NLP practitioners and hypnosis professionals often struggle to deliver consistent and superior results due to the absence of a strategic framework for pinpointing a client’s precise root issue, especially when the inevitable complex case arises. 

Conventional NLP and hypnosis training typically misses this vital strategic element, inundating students with hundreds of techniques, without providing a strategy how to effectively use them.

The Structural Psychology Key - Anita Kozlowski

This leads to confusion and reliance on memorized techniques which cannot work in the absence of a solid strategy.

Thus, after years of tireless dedication to create a replicable, dependable, and systemic approach, I developed the Structural Psychology Framework, an essential component woven into all my NLP and hypnosis coaching courses.

This transformative framework is the critical cornerstone
swiftly and accurately identifies the root cause of a client’s issue.

It enables seasoned practitioners and even novices to confidently devise the most creative, robust approach for achieving deep breakthroughs in record time, thereby eliminating uncertainty, self-doubt, and haphazard subpar results.

By embracing this groundbreaking framework, you will ensure clients never leave without experiencing the profound breakthroughs they need and passionately desire. 

As a result, you will strengthen your client relationships, create a practice that consistently delivers exceptional outcomes, and become recognized as a sought-after expert.

With my Structural Psychology Framework embedded into all my NLP and hypnosis training courses, you will be equipped with the key to confidently ignite profound transformational power of NLP and hypnosis and start making a real difference in the world.

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Anita Kozlowski: NLP and Hypnosis Master Trainer,
The Architect of Structural Psychology

Renowned worldwide, Anita Kozlowski is a hypnosis master trainer, a revered NLP educator, and an author, widely regarded as an expert in the art of rapid personal transformation.

Anita Kozlowski Mastery Hypnotist and NLP Trainer

Her groundbreaking method, Structural Psychology for Transformation, provides NLP practitioners and hypnotists with the much needed, precise logical framework to make their client work most impactful and immediately effective

Leveraging her extensive knowledge in mathematics, statistical modeling, neuroscience, psychology, NLP, and hypnosis, Anita crafted her groundbreaking system enabling you to rapidly get to the root issue of any problem, customize your approach for any client, and facilitate rapid breakthrough in the most challenging client scenario, really fast.

All her trainings are infused with this framework, making them extremely impactful and which can bring you unprecedented breakthrough, really fast.

With her system, you’re equipped to lead any client to achieve quantum goals they never thought they could accomplish.

This makes her system one-of-a-kind and completely unique.

“Deep Breakthroughs…Rapid Results…Measurable Outcomes”

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"I suffered from clinical depression for years. I was on antidepressant medication that stopped working. I met with Anita for two hours and it totally helped."

~ Iris Wentz

"I never knew I felt worthless ever since I remember. Anita helped me break that pattern and empowered me to gain self - worth. I am happily married now. I never thought it was possible."

"I was overweight most of my life, I hated myself and my body because my father used to laugh at me. Anita helped me reestablish a healthy relationship with myself."

~ Ewa Cranston

"I am selling financial products. Anita Kozlowski’s Sales training was the best I have ever attended. This is mastery. My sales doubled very quickly."

~ Istvan Szab
Investor Sales, Citibank

"Anita Kozlowski’s training was the most powerful transformational experience that revolutionized how I think. I am totally amazed at how much more I can now do and dream big."

~ Tom Wysolski
Red Deer

"I took Anita’s Transformational Speaker Training. I learned more in the 3 day speaker training than any other 3 days of my life. Worth 10 times the investment!"

~ Tyrell Sears

"I suffered from clinical depression for years. I was on antidepressant medication that stopped working. I got rid of antidepressants and started to enjoy life again. I don’t know what she did but it worked."

~ Iris Wentz

"Shopping was my addiction. I was spending money out of control. My debt became huge. Anita helped me regain control. Now I am free of it all. Thank you."

~ Theresa Jones

"Anita helped me stop smoking. I was able to stop cold-turkey and feel no pain. This is a miracle."

~ Brian Janowski

"I was not feeling things. Now I feel emotions and reconnected with my wife. We were on the brink of divorce. I never knew it could be so simple. Thank you Anita."

~ Jonathan R.

"She makes it so easy. I totally recovered from compulsive behaviors. My life is different now. Thank you Anita."

~ George Silton

"I could not believe I could learn how to spell. One hour with Anita and I am a good speller. I also read faster and remember it all."

~ Carolyn Widzinski

"I suffered from allergy for avocados. I don’t know how she did it. I now love avocados."I suffered from allergy for avocados. I don’t know how she did it. I now love avocados.

~ Denise Blair

"I suffered years of sexual abuse as a child. As a results I suffered from depression, recurring memories and self - sabotage. I am free from that pain after 5 sessions with Anita, Wonderful."

~ Brenda Wyszynski

“Anita showed me the art of closing sales. I pent three days with her and this was the best investment I ever made. I am now the top producer in our Real Estate office. Magical stuff.”

~ Anthony Woolworth

“I am an owner of a large debt relief company. Our results have doubles in the last three months. Fabulous training and a fabulous trainer."

~ Pradeep Pramadaphan

“Anita is an exemplary teacher of NLP. She makes difficult things easy. Want to earn NLP? Look up Anita Kozlowski.”

~ Roger MacRae

"This woman works magic. Two hours with her are better than 10 years of traditional therapy."

~ Donald Peterson

"Anita Kozlowski’s NLP trainings It is the best investment I have ever done. I can already see the difference in how others relate to me.. I can also see clearly where I am going in my life."

~ Randi Marie Berntsen
Calgary (University Student)

“Anita is a world class trainer and a rare genius. Her NLP Practitioner training has totally transformed the way I think. This a must for anyone who is serious about upgrading their minds and performance.”

~ John Su