Hypnotic Sales Training – LIVE Online Course


If you want to become an absolute sales Ninja, rapidly skyrocket your sales, and close most of your deals, this training is for you.

Hypnotic Sales Training is a powerful applied NLP and hypnosis training which is specifically applied to the sales context. Whether you are an already successful sales professional, or just starting your sales career, this training will “rock your world” and turn you into a sales superstar.


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Hypnotic Sales Training

Becoming The Covert Influence Master

The Accelerated Sales Training is designed to rapidly give you powerful covert influence hypnotic skills you can immediately apply to massively increase your sales results. 

Some sales professionals who completed this training were able to effortlessly triple their sales, which have only continued to improve.

The training is a “deep dive” into every aspect of the sales process; creating the correct mindset, reverse-engineering your clients’ mindset, and the techniques to influence and inspire.

While learning the most powerful sales strategies and techniques you will demolish all your hidden internal blocks, which kept you from achieving the results you want. 

While rewriting the script of your own mind, you will simultaneously learn the most powerful hypnotic influence tools to persuade, inspire and influence others. 

You will completely erase the fear of failure and rejection and replace those with a set of powerful subconscious commands to become instantly confident, focused, and consistently successful.

You will never again feel unmotivated, intimidated
or blocked by fear of failure.


Instead, you will effortlessly be able to turn their doubt into a powerful “yes” because you have matched your presentation to their unique decision-making strategy.

As a result, the sales will happen
before you even mention any offer.


They will be asking you for sales, and your task will be to simply fulfill their request.

The specific covert hypnotic influence techniques will allow you to persuade even the most negative people.  

Like a jujitsu master you will be able to turn their resistance and doubt into a “yes”, a skill you will find useful anywhere.

Some participants have said, the Accelerated Sales Training was the “greatest eye opener into themselves”, and the most powerful set of skills to sell and influence. 

The training comes with a comprehensive manual.

Here’s What Clients are Saying About  Anita’s Hypnotic Sales Training…

Core Elements of the Training:

  1. Rewriting the Script of Your Mind for Great Results

Techniques to get unstuck from “beneath your potential”

Discover WHY even the most ambitious people fail in sales, and get techniques how to turn it around

Techniques to get rid of all fears driving poor sales

Hypnotic techniques to change your negative subconscious “view” of yourself

Techniques to keep yourself motivated in adverse situations

An extraordinary method allowing you to access the “download function” of your brain and come up with the most powerful set of commands to get the results you want

2. Become a Covert Influence Master

Hypnotic language of influence to get them excited about your offer

Hypnotic techniques capture their attention and direct them to an outcome you want

Specific “time-bending” process to achieve quantum goals and triple your results

Covert hypnotic techniques to install a desire to get your product, service, or an idea, without mentioning sales

How to install motivation through hypnotic stories

Specific techniques to become instantly charismatic and inspiring. This will keep them “glued” to every word you say.

3. Hypnotic Sales Process which always works

Covert Hypnotic Sales Process which always works, even when you know it is being “used on you”

Hypnotic techniques to obliterate resistance in anyone

Covert hypnosis method to ask for bigger sales without fear, and easily get them to say “yes”

How to naturally sell from the stage and keep your audience inspired for hours

Techniques to increase their motivation to buy more

Techniques to inspire your sales team, and get them to produce top results for you, without supervision

Techniques to turn your voice and body language into powerful influence tools

4. Ethical Sales

…and MUCH MORE….