Instant Impact Hypnotic Sales Training


Revolutionize your sales game: Harness the power of subliminal influence to transform into a top performer in only 3 days and leave your competition in the dust.

Whether you are an already successful sales professional, or just starting your sales career, this training will “rock your world” and turn you into a sales superstar.

COURSE DATES: February 17-24, 2024
(9am-1pm Central Standard Time)

Instant Impact Hypnotic Sales Training

Unlocking Hypnotic Sales Mastery:
The Ultimate Super Training Course

Would you like to master the most powerful hypnosis and NLP skills to instantly quadruple your sales results, regardless of the market challenges?

This 3 -day transformational training will empower you with the immediate hypnosis and advanced NLP skills to craft an irresistible offer for any client or audience, key techniques to close any sale, navigate client hesitancy and resistance, and formulate an irresistible marketing message when selling online.

You will get rid of fear of failure and rejection and instead, become excited about challenges, as you’ll be able to turn those into immediate advantage.

These skills are not offered anywhere else as they go beyond just sales.

This 3-day sales training is like no other, as it is a deep dive into the subconscious mind of your buyer.

This is pure covert hypnosis and influence mastery training which will enable you to connect with anyone and influence them at the deepest level.  

As a result, the sales will happen
before you even mention any offer.


Learn How to Sell Dreams - Sales Training - Anita Kozlowski

You’ll be able to persuade and inspire anyone, even the most resistant client, with just a few ninja covert influence techniques no one else teaches.

I crafted this training after working with thousands of clients, including sales professionals, sales managers, CEOs, and marketing gurus.

I combined the best of NLP, covert hypnosis, neuroscience, and Structural Psychology for Transformation, to create the most robust and life changing sales training there is. Thousands of my students became top producers in their field and are only getting better.

You can take these skills beyond just the sales environment and deploy them anywhere you go.

Because selling is about connections and relationships, you can use the skills you will learn here to land a date you never thought you could.

If you are serious about becoming a top producer in your industry, a communication and influence master, join us at this life changing training, and watch your results soar.

A Remarkable Story of Successs from One of My Clients…

Here’s What Clients are Saying About  Anita’s Hypnotic Sales Training…

Skyrocket Your Sales with These Skills…

Learn how to utilize client’s resistance into an unstoppable desire to buy, with just a few strategic covert hypnosis maneuvers.

Erase your own fear of rejection or failure once and for all and reprogram your subconscious mind for rapid success.

Acquire the most potent subliminal influence techniques to make all your presentations and offers immediately interesting and exciting. Apply these techniques to create amazing video scripts and impactful marketing and advertising materials.

Learn how to craft an irresistible sales proposition for every client, that is virtually impossible to reject.

Deploy 5 covert hypnosis techniques to close every deal at the right moment and make it logically aligned with any client’s subconscious motivation strategy.

Acquire key techniques to generate organic referral-based business.

Learn how to create the best first impression and immediately come across as a trusted expert.

Discover the quantum secret to achieving the biggest goals in the time frame you decide. This has nothing to do with S.M.A.R.T. goal settings or any other goal setting technique you’ve ever learned. This is tapping into the Law of Creation.

Become a Master of Covert Influence

Learn the Hypnotic Sales Process which bypasses the critical mind and always works, even when you know it is being used “on you”.

Master Conversational Hypnosis techniques to obliterate resistance and indecision in your clients and get them to say “yes” on the spot.

Get key hypnosis tools to inspire your sales team to produce more, without supervision.

Become a great storyteller, enabling you to connect with others and build bridges.


…and MUCH MORE….

Seize the opportunity to become a sales superstar! Register now and accelerate your success!