NLP is a study of human subjective experience.

Subjective means at the level of your unconscious mind. This is where the brain works super fast and where decisions based on logical implications are made-with extraordinary speed.

This is where your creative potential is hidden, and where your emotions start.

There are no shortcuts to learning this “stuff”.

In order to learn or, rather, become aware of it, one must have the subjective experience while learning it.

In order for it to be assimilated as part of a person’s life “vocabulary”, it needs to be installed at other than conscious level via demonstration, cognitive learning, practice, learning a very logical and clear cut methodology that incorporates all the modalities through which people receive and store information, as well as a logical structure of teaching that is the model of the model itself.

Online NLP Training is insufficient and misses the boat as well as is not reflective of the philosophy that these methodologies are framed within. There is no short cuts to learning NLP. Yes, we can learn fast but the speed of learning can only be achieved via very structured and logical training applied on many levels simultaneously.

Online NLP is like reading a book about skiing but never actually trying the skis on. Its like talking about travel but never getting to travel.

To learn the structure of it, follow the modeling process itself.

Creativity itself is a reverse engineering process, looping back through implication structures back to the essence. This is where “genius” is.


Written by Anita Kozlowski, Founder of Live With Power NLP Seminars. 

Anita Kozlowski is an internationally licensed NLP trainer, therapist, strategic business and success coach. She has used innovative therapy to change lives through a unique system that has been proven to work. As an internationally licensed NLP trainer, she has trained thousands of individuals from all walks of life in pure NLP, for which she has received recognition on three continents.

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