What is a Good NLP Training

A good NLP training is multidimensional, strategic and systemic. It provides a powerful opportunity for discovery and exploration.

Neurolinguistic Programming is about subjective experience and learning on multiple levels simultaneously. When you are looking for am NLP training, ask what is the overall strategic approach and how much clinical experience does the trainer have. NLP has evolved from a clinical context and is based on clinical work of Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls.

Because it evolved from clinical work, NLP training must be supported by the ability to do clinical work. The experience of such a training must be a thought provoking, deep process and also a fun experience.

NLP techniques are only as important as understanding the system of thinking they are applied into, which is the key aspect of a good NLP training.

A student must be able to reverse engineer the thinking process of any individual and able to apply the techniques in a way that uniquesy fits that person. Learning this skills is fundamental to a good NLP training.

NLP is about strategy and about techniques. It is also a philosophy wrapped by a powerful logical framework.