Victim No More Disarming Toxic People Bootcamp

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This is a 4-hour Zoom masterclass tailored for women who aim to confidently counter verbal abuse without compromising their self-esteem. This transformative session provides essential tools for maintaining emotional stability and techniques to neutralize abusers.

We’ll be focusing on subconscious reprogramming, replacing a victim mentality with a sense of confidence, and giving you powerful tools to stand your ground and deflect abuse, empowering you to handle any situation effectively.

Choose Your Date: June 21-22, 2024
6:30pm – 9:30pm Mountain Standard Time
Alternative Date: August 2-23, 2024

6:30pm – 9:30pm Mountain Standard Time

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Victim No More – Disarming Toxic People
Bootcamp for Women

“Un-Victim” Yourself and Claim the Life You Deserve

Ladies, are you tired of feeling like a victim in a toxic relationship and ready to put a decisive end to verbal abuse and gaslighting?

If you want to regain control in your relationship, stop verbal abuse and gaslighting, and learn how to disempower control freaks, abusers, and bullies once and for all, this training is for you.

Introducing the “Victim No More-Disarming Toxic People Bootcamp” – a 4-hour Zoom masterclass designed specifically for women who want to regain personal power, confidence and learn how to effectively disarm verbal abusers, without escalating the abuse or sacrificing their self-worth.

Victim No More - Stop Verbal Abuse - Anita Kozlowski

Puncture Their Armor and Put Them in a Check Mate Position

Victim No More - Become Fearless - Anita Kozlowski

This life-changing pure NLP and conversational hypnosis class will empower you with immediate skills to gain emotional control and  stop verbal abusers in their tracks.

While they struggle trying to maintain control over you, you will remain calm, collected, and masterful in your responses they just cannot respond to. Like a ninja, you will stun them with few simple verbal maneuvers to the point they won’t be able to recover.

With only a few simple techniques you will “puncture” their armor and put them in a check – mate position quicker than they can think.

This class is about rapidly transforming you from a victim to a self-assured confident and powerful woman you were always meant to be.

Don’t Let Verbal Abuse Intimidate You

Don’t let verbal abuse continue to hold you back.

Take the first step towards reclaiming your personal power and emotional well-being today. With Turn the Tide – Disarming Toxic People Masterclass, you’ll finally have the tools and strategies to put an end to feeling like a victim in toxic relationships and start living the life you deserve.

Hypnotic Self-Defense Super Skills You’ll Get….

Assertive Communication: Learn how to articulate your boundaries through nonverbal communication.

Discern all the manipulation tactics such as guilting, shaming, withholding, gas-lighting, lying, and blaming, and get the tools to stop those in their tracks without getting emotionally affected.

Reprogram your unconscious victim mindset to that of self-confidence and empowerment.

Uproot the subconscious unresolved conflicts that kept you stuck in a victim mindset.

Replace your negative subconscious self-identification with a deep sense of self-worthiness.

Learn the most powerful hypnotic language patterns to verbally disempower any abuser fast.

Master 5 key hypnotic influence techniques to turn conflicts into a productive conversation.

Learn how to say “no” with power and confidence, without creating a conflict.

Master a few key techniques to ask for what you want and get it.

Discover how to turn gaslighting against the gaslighter and make him sweat.

….and Much More….

Don’t let toxic individuals bring you down any longer. Join our 4 Victim No More – Disarming Toxic People on Zoom masterclass and learn how to confidently assert yourself in any situation.

Listen to What Students Say About Anita’s “Victim No More” Masterclass…

Victim No More - Live With Power
Victim No More - Live With Power