The Art of Strategic Pre-Talk for Mind Bending Influence


The Art of Strategic Pre-Talk for Mind Bending Results is a powerful conversational hypnosis training designed to turn anyone into an instant influence master. It has been designed to fill the gaps most coaches and therapists experience when starting to work with a client.

The course is filled with powerful strategic conversational hypnosis maneuvers, techniques, and tactics to set the stage for a rapid breakthrough with every client. If you set it up correctly, your session will flow perfectly.
Get ready for a powerful and life-changing program which will automatically elevate you to the ranks of the top 2 percent of the most sought-after coaches.

To Be Announced 2023

IMPORTANT NOTE: To attend this training, you must be a graduate of Anita Kozlowski’s Certified NLP Practitioner Training, or demonstrate the level of competency admissible to this training.

The Art of Pre-Talk for Mind Bending Influence

This is the most essential tool for effective coaching and therapy

If you have you ever struggled with inconsistent results or had clients who reverted back to their old ways, you have not utilized the full power of pre-talk.

I have coached and trained thousands of coaches who were looking to improve their results. The common denominator behind their mediocre results was not having the skills to conduct a powerful pre-talk. They were taught to rely on few standardized questions, which were not even designed to elicit meaningful answers.

This course is about generating rapid and predictable results.  It is about strategy and becoming masterful in turning a casual conversation into a life changing emotional breakthrough process, without them even recognizing they are in a trance.

The Art of Strategic Pre-Talk is a powerful conversational hypnosis training, designed to turn you into a absolute “pre-talk master” and an instant influence alchemist. With this skill you will be automatically positioned in the top three percent of the most sought out coaches. 

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Some Powerful Skills You’ll Learn…

How to turn a casual conversation into the most powerful, covert strategic hypnosis session. Most coaches don’t know it’s possible to facilitate a major emotional breakthrough in less than 30 minutes.

How to induce a deep trance in less than 60 seconds and get them to talk themselves out of the problem.

How to deploy hypnotic principles to obliterate client’s resistance and bulletproof your session from potential resistance.

The deep, logical method of enquiry to get an instant access to the "root cause" of the problem. This goes way beyond the Meta Model.

Conversational Hypnosis tactics to get them to accept the result BEFORE it happens.

How to generate instant compliance through conversational hypnosis.

Specific hypnotic words and phrases you can use to create instant compliance.

How to use your voice to influence change. This is the most powerful subliminal influence tool.

Techniques to influence from the stage

And Much More! including som Surprise Bonuses...

In this training you will also master the Socratic enquiry method allowing you to rapidly get to the root problem, specific direct hypnosis strategies to influence rapid change, and also learn how to use Ericksonian metaphors to induce emotional shift in your client.

👉  Here’s a Teaser Surprise BONUS: Smoking Cessation Protocol and Rapid Emotional Release Technique which can be induced in less than a minute.

You can build an entire business doing JUST this!

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