Strategic Hypnosis for Client Sessions – Advanced Training

Strategic Hypnosis for Client Sessions is an advanced training designed for coaches and therapists who want to expand their already significant professional skills.

In this training we will explore creative ways to respond to problems presented by clients, and add new contempt, coach as the Mind Bending Language for Rapid Transformation, and additional processes you can employ to facilitate rapid change.

Get ready for an exciting expansion of your professional skills. This is a lot of fun.


DATES: To Be Announced 2023

Strategic Hypnosis for Client Sessions

Advanced Training for Coaches & Therapists

Strategic Hypnosis Client Sessions is a Rapid Therapy Process which is designed to work from the inside out and generate rapid results for every client.

The process is like no other as it goes way beyond just uncovering the root of the problem and allows the practitioner to accurately and rapidly reverse engineer the unique process a client employs to create a “successful problem”.

To be an affective hypnotist requires you to be able to help any client, which you can achieve only when you are able to accurately “match your own process” to that of your client. Only at that point you become a real master and influence “blackbelt”, and a true artist in your client work.

Strategic Hypnosis Client Sessions helps you become that “blackbelt” as it’s a deep dive into every aspect of a successful client session and strategic shortcut into even the most complex problems.

Who is it For?

If you are a graduate of Anita Kozlowski’s NLP Master Practitioner/Hypnosis Certification program and want to become a real  master with your client work, this training is for you.

In the process you will hone your considerable NLP and hypnosis skills and get an opportunity to explore creative strategies to address even the most complex client cases.

Never again will you be at loss what to do, confused about
your strategy, or “taken on a garden path” by a resistant client.

You will have become a real master of transformational change, a creative, flexible hypnotist, able to address any client problem, no matter how challenging or complex.

How Does It Work?

Strategic Client Sessions Training

Do you want to be able to facilitate deep transformations in even the most “challenging” or resistant clients?

Have you felt “stuck” in the diagnostic process, or unsure about which NLP or hypnosis techniques to use?

Not sure about the strategy to help them “get there?

Strategic Hypnosis Client Sessions is a deep dive into the client session process. You will be working on case studies, participate in lively discussions, create unique client approaches, and work through your own case studies, which I highly encourage. You will practice with each other and explore novel ways to rapidly help a client.

In the process we will go through every segment of a well-structured client session, from the discovery process, the pre-talk to hypnotic intervention strategies and specific hypnosis techniques and evaluating your results.

At the end you will have an opportunity to participate in the final exam where you can test your skills and play with your own creative intuition.


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