Rapid Therapy or NLP Coaching – 1 Session


My Rapid Therapy Process is your fastest way to reclaim emotional freedom from the effects of past traumas and to rid yourself of limiting beliefs, thought viruses, ineffective behaviors and habits. Getting rid of  the negative subconscious blocks can only happen at the level of your unconscious. Expect profound emotional releases and rapid resolution of the most persistent issues.

If it is a coaching session, we will quickly find the fastest pathway to achieve your goals and abolish the inner blocks to achieving it. The purpose is to help you “get there” as fast as possible, in the time frame you decide.

Expect 90 minutes or longer. I focus on results, not the clock. You may need more than one session to completely remove all the “garbage”. This will be determined when we meet.

NOTE: You can save $498, and get one completely Free session, you can book a package of 5 Rapid Therapy – Coaching Sessions Here

Rapid Therapy or NLP Coaching

Get Rid of Thought Viruses
“Your Past Doesn’t Need to Define Your Future”

If you want to save yourself years of therapy or ineffective coaching, break through your inner blocks and move forward with accelerated speed, look no further

Rapid therapy and Coaching have been built on the premise that transformation does not need to take long and happens rapidly when we’ve disrupted the subconscious process leading to the manifestation of your painful symptoms.

It’s never your past which is causing you pain, but your emotional attachment to it

It’s as if you were carrying the past event with you everywhere you go, like a heavy backpack, being constantly burdened by its weight.

Rapid therapy is like disrupting a virus so it can no longer multiply and create mayhem in your system.

While we do not deny the existence of the past painful event or events, we take the position that when your emotional connection to the event is gone, you are liberated from its impact.

The process works fast and has been proven to generate rapid breakthroughs for everyone. The sessions are a deep dive into your subconscious, and the work we do, is profoundly impactful.

You may feel powerful emotions come up and massive insights occur. This is transformation across all the layers of your being. Get ready for a real change.

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This Is Your Chance to Solve These Fast…

Do you want to get rid of your inner blocks to success and clear your path to success as fast as possible?

Are you struggling with emotional pain that just doesn’t go away?

Not sure about the strategy to help them "get there?

Are you finding yourself “stuck,” unable to achieve your goals?

Are you struggling in a toxic relationship and want to reclaim control and personal power?

Do you feel you are not meeting your potential and are settling on mediocre results?

Are there any behaviors and habits that you would like to change and seem unable to do it?

Are you struggling to get rid of painful memories that seem to be plaguing you with unpredictable regularity?

Are you suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias?

Do you need a strategy to navigate complex responsibilities and high-pressure situations?

If you are serious about getting seriously transformed and want to embrace a path to joyous freedom and success, book your Rapid Therapy or NLP Coaching Session today.

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Rapid Therapy Technology - Anita Kozlowski
Rapid Therapy Technologies - LIve With Power
Rapid Therapy Technology - Anita Kozlowski
Rapid Therapy Technologies - LIve With Power
Rapid Therapy Technology - Anita Kozlowski
Rapid Therapy Technologies - LIve With Power