Rapid Influence – Conversational Hypnosis MasterClass


This is a 3 hour Zoom MasterClass with Anita.

This is New Material, comprising the most powerful conversational hypnosis tools which guarantee you immediate results.

With these KEY tools, you can take immediate full control with hostile and resistant people, and clients, easily generate huge sales, and naturally put yourself in an instant leadership position.

You will also be able to turn your marketing sales copy into a money generating machine.

Utilize these skills to become a top coach, presenter, and powerful leader.

Get ready for massive insights and Loads of Fun! Start your New Year on a new footing.

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Rapid Influence – Conversational Hypnosis MasterClass

Your key tools for dynamic influence

Rapid Influence Conversational Hypnosis is a powerful 3-hour Zoom master class, giving you immediate tools to inspire, motivate and influence anyone, anywhere, any time – even the most resistant people.

With these powerful tools, you will easily be able to overcome resistance, deflect hostility, or turn objections into inspired action.

You can also make your marketing sales copy WAY MORE potent and influential.

This is covert influence to be used in normal conversations. As such, it’s crazy powerful.


Essential Skills You’ll Learn…

4 specific questions to break their resistance and open their mind for a breakthrough

The one secret to creating powerful sales copy

5 reasons people fail to achieve their goals

Specific technique to get someone "out of the box mindset"

How to utilize their hostility and resistance, to achieve your goals

How to structure your pre-talk, to prime them for success

The deadly words you Must Avoid if you want to influence others

How to chunk your offer so they will beg you for a sale

How to effortlessly get them to pay top dollar for your service

1 KEY word you must use to get them to say "YES!"

How to turn resistance into a huge "Yes!"

2 covert Mind-bending techniques to facilitate breakthrough in any client

The 5 most important questions to facilitate a rapid breakthrough

How to strategize any presentation for rapid success

And MUCH MORE... to "Blow Your Mind"...

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Hear What Anita’s Students of Say About Anita’s Rapid Influence – Conversational Hypnosis Strategies…