Quantum Goal Setting – Engineer Your Vision Masterclass – 1 Day

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This exceptional 1-day masterclass, based on the Quantum Principle of Creation, combines powerful self-hypnosis techniques, neuroscience principles, and manipulation of the time-space paradigm to help you actualize future events in the present.

If you’re looking to consistently reach substantial goals within your desired timeframe and escape mediocrity, this masterclass is indispensable.

COURSE DATES: Sept 6, 2024 Mountain Standard Time: 5 PM-9PM

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Quantum Goal Setting – Step Into Your Vision Masterclass

Create the Memories of the Future Now..
Pave Your Quantum Highway to Success

Beyond the Law of Attraction – a Deep Dive into Your Quantum Creative Engine

Are you tired of chasing goals that always seem just out of reach, or “crawl” towards you at a snail’s pace?

Are you putting all your effort and emotion towards achieving a particular goal, only for it to slip away for reasons you do not understand?

Does it seem like there exists an unseen barrier that stops your dreams from coming to fruition?

If this is your experience, you absolutely cannot afford not to attend the Quantum Goals setting Masterclass.

Quantum Goal Setting Live Anita Kozlowski

This Goes Way Beyond the Law of Attraction…

Quantum Goal Setting Anita Kozlowski

This one-of-a-kind goal setting process is totally different from any other goal setting program out there.  It goes way beyond the Law of Attraction, delving deep into the energetic levels where things get formed before manifesting in your life.

It goes straight into your own untapped creative powers and gives you the tools to activate your quantum creative engine you never suspected you had.

Suddenly you have a crystal-clear roadmap to bring your vision to reality and will achieve big goals in the time frame you decided.

It’s also not about manifesting but about creating, which is far different from waiting for things to manifest. This is about your active participation in the creative process itself.

Bend Time and Access the Quantum to Manifest Your Dream

This extraordinary 2-day masterclass was built around the Quantum Principle of Creation which I discovered infused with potent strategic self-hypnosis tools, neuro-science principles, and “manipulation” of the time and space paradigm, enabling you to bring future events into now.

If you want to predictably achieve massive measurable goals within the time frame you want, and break free from the cycle of mediocrity, this is the Masterclass you must attend.

Beyond the Law of Attraction – Pave Your Quantum Path to Success with These Skills….

Breakthrough the Quantum Barrier to Success: Discover the 5 surprising reasons why ambitious, hard-working people like you sometimes don’t achieve their goals despite working hard and loving what they do.

Break through the unconscious fears you never knew you had, to open the door to endless possibilities you didn’t suspect existed.

Meet the higher version of yourself face to face and honor yourself as that person.

Reengineer your path to achievement: Learn how to “manipulate” the time-space paradigm to bring a future event into now.

Experience the forgiveness process to release the old self from the bondage of limitations.

Discover the most powerful process I created, you must complete on your own, to release old stagnant energy into the universe and access the newly available quantum power.

Discover the real power of gratitude and understand why the pain you experienced has been your greatest ally and a secret opportunity to move forward.

Replace negative self-talk with powerful hypnotic commands to succeed.

….and Much More….

Tired of spinning your wheels and getting off track with your goals? Ready to finally achieve your big goals in record time?

Join our 1 Day Quantum Goal Setting Masterclass on Zoom and gain the confidence and ease to achieve all your goals in the chosen time frame. Spaces are limited, secure your spot now!

Listen to What Students Say About Quantum Goal Setting Masterclass…

Quantum Goal Setting - Live With Power
Quantum Goal Setting - Live With Power
Quantum Goal Setting - Live With Power

 Formula to Achieve Your Goals – The Secret To Reverse Engineering