NLP Mind Mastery – LIVE Online Training May 20 – June 7 2020


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      • Classes are held on these days:
        May 20, 22, 25,27,29, June 2,4,7
      • They begin at: 10AM Alberta, Canada time
      • 3 hrs each day

Learn NLP and unlock the FULL Power of your subconscious mind.

Learn from one of the top NLP Master Trainers in the world and expand your knowledge into one of the most powerful methodologies for personal transformation.


What is NLP Mind Mastery ?


Imagine you are holding a magical key in your hand, which can rapidly unlock the deep vault of the subconscious mind.

Inside this vault you can find many interesting things; hidden talents, dormant skills, inspired thoughts, as well as virulent thought viruses that have been limiting the expression of your full human potential.

NLP Mind Mastery is your rare opportunity to learn NLP from one of the top NLP Master trainers in the world. Now you can partake in Anita’s vast knowledge, experience, and learn from her wisdom.


You can really master NLP to the extent it
could become your new career


Anita is extremely thorough in her approach and holds nothing back.

This is going to be a life-changing experience. Get ready for lively discussions, creative exploration, moments of amazing discovery and deep personal transformation.

You will also receive hundreds of pages of powerful material, and a comprehensive NLP manual.


What NLP Mastery is NOT?

    • It is NOT a series of quick fix techniques, even though you will learn proven, powerful, principle-based strategies for Rapid Transformation
    • It is NOT about mind control, even though you will learn how to become Immune to Mind Control and How to Influence Rapid Change.
    • It is NOT about manipulating others, even though you will learn how to Take Full Control in Any Situation
    • It is NOT about memorizing language patterns, even though you will learn the most powerful Subliminal Language for Instant Influence
    • It is NOT about body language, even though you will become an expert in Reading the Body Language
    • It is NOT a cookie cutter technique – based standardized training, even though you will learn the most powerful subliminal influence techniques known to man.
    • It is NOT about simplistic short cut techniques, even though you will learn the most powerful Principle based strategies to get you to Massive Results FAST!

This is the most comprehensive and complete NLP Training anywhere, which goes way beyond the cookie-cutter “NLP”.

What You Will Learn:

    • Understand how the subconscious mind works, and learn the principles of Subliminal Influence, based upon a solid mastery of the principles. As a result you will be able to create your own techniques, to elicit rapid transformation.
    • Learn the principles of Ericksonian Hypnosis, allowing you to Naturally and Easily direct change in anyone and in yourself.
    • Master all the major NLP strategies, techniques and tactics, turning you into an artist with NLP.
    • Become a Master of the language of Influence you can immediately apply to elicit powerful transformations.
    • Become a communication Ninja, able to check mate even the most hostile people.
    • Rapidly Get rid of your own Fear, Anxiety, and all other internal blocks that have been holding you back.
    • Many more surprises, just to enjoy Anticipating…