NLP & Eriksonian Hypnosis Intensive Online Training



      • Classes are held on these days:
        Dec, 2020 – 16-20
      • They begin at: 10AM-1PM Alberta, Canada time

Anti Virus for the Mind is your surefire Antidote to BS, and your weapon to creatively forge ahead amidst the storm.

This course embraces the most powerful Eriksonian and NLP methods, and deep dives into the Superconscious where you can make rapid change on the Quantum Level.

No one teaches what you will learn here!


Anti-Virus for Mind Control SUPER TRAINING

[Accelerated NLP and hypnosis Training to arm yourself against BS and gain control over your mind and your situation.]

If you are concerned about the nature of the world and rivers of misinformation, now is the time to empower yourself with the most powerful tools to protect your mind from the massive influx of negativity, and influence rapid change.

What you are going to learn here, will allow you to not only distinguish BS from truth, but also take full control of your emotional well being, while accessing the quantum level of reality where you will have the power to direct immediate and lasting change.

When your mind has been infected with a virus of fear, any logicality, your soul gets infected with depression and anxiety.

In this state, not only can you not see possibilities, but you also have lost the ability to create positive change and solutions.

This training is extremely powerful and goes way beyond just powerful mind control techniques.

It’s about accessing an algorithm which is the KEY to allow your focused intention to become a catalyst for change.


This goes Way Beyond the Law of Attraction


On the surface level, you will learn some cutting-edge NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis techniques.

What you’re going to learn, is not being taught anywhere by anyone.

It’s a culmination of refining a method which came from super natural experiences, pure logic, extraordinary downloads, and years of practical experience with Eriksonian hypnosis and true NLP.

On a deep level, you will have activated the great powers of your unconscious mind, and download extraordinary power of creation, directly from the Super Conscious.

I call it “The Field”.

It is here, where extraordinary solutions and immediate change can be rapidly created.

In my mind, there is no greater urgency than  to be able to do this.

With these powerful skills, not only will you be able to take full control of your immediate situation, but also be able to help others in a very significant way.

This is the change that will have a rippling effect across communities, a tidal wave of change we all desperately need right now.

If you are ready to massively empower yourself and become a catalyst for change, come on board.

Lets do it!


What You Will Learn:

    • Understand how the subconscious mind works, and learn the principles of Subliminal Influence, based upon a solid mastery of the principles. As a result you will be able to create your own techniques, to elicit rapid transformation. 
    • Create your own bullshit detector to always distinguish lies from truth. This will allow you to calmly walk through the storm.
    • Learn the principles of Ericksonian Hypnosis, allowing you to Naturally and Easily direct change in anyone and in yourself. 
    • Become a communication Ninja, able to check mate even the most hostile people. Rapidly Get rid of your own Fear, Anxiety, and all other internal blocks that have been holding you back.
    • Connect with the Quantum Field and use the power of intention to influence rapid change around you. 
    • Learn how to apply the Law of Creation and Focus to destroy limitations coming at you, and design an entirely different future. 
    • Protect yourself from the constant barrage of negativity and BULLSHIT
    • Many more surprises, just to enjoy Anticipating…