Introduction to NLP & Hypnosis – Zoom Training


Live Virtual Online Training

Course Dates: 

July 8-10

6:30pm-9:30pm Mountain Standard Time

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Introduction to NLP & Hypnosis

Introduction to NLP and Hypnosis is your foundational, strategic NLP training, giving you a solid understanding of the principles underlying the process of subliminal influence, and the tools you can immediately apply to break through your own limiting beliefs and negative patterns.

In the process you will learn powerful hypnotic techniques to influence others, take full control of your own emotions, and be able to replace fear with confidence.

The training will be invaluable in situations where you need to rapidly resolve a personal issue, take control in situations involving negative and hostile people, create a cohesive, motivated team, help others get rid of anxiety or fear of rejection, or influence sales.

Who is This for?

If you are already a coach, or a facilitator, these skills will hugely empower your results, and help you achieve those faster.

If you are planning to continue with your NLP and hypnosis education, this training will be a powerful foundation to become sophisticated with the NLP methodologyFast.

What You Will Learn…

Logical principles underlying success and failure

Have you felt “stuck” in the diagnostic process, or unsure about which NLP or hypnosis techniques to use?

Quantum goal setting process to achieve big goals

Self-hypnosis tools to get rid of self-doubt, anxiety, and fear

Hypnotic language of influence

The forgiveness process to gain emotional freedom from your past

Anchoring techniques to motivate yourself

Techniques to erase negative memories and persistent negative thoughts

Self-hypnosis to install motivation and confidence

Rapport building skills to handle negative people and take control with hostile people

…and MORE…