Introduction to NLP – LIVE Online Course


Course Dates: 

July 11-17, 2020 10:00-13:00 Alberta time

August 3-8, 2920, 10:00-13;00 Alberta time

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If you are curious about rapidly learning NLP, but not yet ready to commit to an intensive 8-day NLP practitioner training, this powerful NLP course is for you.

In ONLY short 21 hours, you will have learned powerful influence skills you can use in your business, sales, on stage, as a coach, or in any interaction you want to feel confident, grounded, and measurably persuasive.

When you decide to continue with NLP and dive into the adventurous 8-day Certified NLP Practitioner training, you will have already gained an extraordinarily powerful base to start out with.

If you want to stop here, and not continue any further, you will already have extraordinary NLP tools that will rapidly empower you in all your communications.

As a result, self-doubt, social shyness or fear of rejection will be gone.

You will also learn how to rapidly influence and inspire anyone.

You will also learn covert hypnosis skills you can immediately apply wherever you go.

Whether you need to rapidly resolve a personal issue, manage a team, or perform as a sale professional, or on stage, these skills will be invaluable.

If you are a coach, or a facilitator, the NLP skills you learn here, will hugely empower your results, and be invaluable when facilitating others.

You will also quickly know how to influence subliminal change, just by asking powerful questions. This one skill will turn you into an exquisitely sophisticated communicator, and a natural leader.