Introduction to Hypnosis


Introduction to Hypnosis is a powerful hypnosis training designed to give you immediate skills to effectively navigate any social or business situation without fear or feeling intimidated.

You will get the hypnotic tools to handle the most difficult people, obliterate resistance and hostility, lead conversations, sway minds, and effectively influence others. Simultaneously, you’ll abolish your limiting beliefs, and unleash your creativity. Step into your personal power and move forward with more joy.

This is a 3-day skill-focused, interactive training on Zoom.

COURSE DATES: June 14,15,16
5 Pm – 9 Pm Alberta time

Unleash Immediate Impact in Persuasion and Communication through Hypnosis Mastery

Embark on a deeply transformative journey with our immersive 3-Day “Introduction to Hypnosis” training, where you’ll get empowered with powerful hypnotic language skills you can immediately deploy to effectively influence others, quickly defuse hostility, and take full control of the situation, negotiate to win, successfully motivate others, and lead dynamic meetings.

In this unique NLP experience, you’ll also transcend your habituated conventional thinking patterns and explore the boundless realm of possibilities “outside the box” of your own limited beliefs.

By breaking free from your habitual thought limitations, you’ll unlock new perspectives, discover innovative solutions to challenging problems and experience conversational creativity you never knew you had.

You will never run out of ideas and always be able to keep your conversations engaging.

Hypnosis Hypnosis -

What sets our course apart is its integration of Structural Psychology Framework?

Introduction to Hypnosis - Anita Kozlowski

Through this unique approach, you’ll gain a deep insight into the underlying principles of human decision making and motivation, immediately enabling you to craft tailored communications that immediately and deeply resonate with others. 

As a result, you will never again feel ill at ease in any social situation or a business meeting.

With this skill alone you will literally obliterate rejection and hesitancy to your ideas, or products and services, if you are in sales.

Crafting Influence: Mastering the
Art of Empowering Communication

As you master hypnotic language, you’ll not only shatter your own limiting beliefs but also gain the power to shape perceptions and influence decisions in others.

Furthermore, armed with these skills, you’ll have the ability to empower and support others who may be struggling or in distress, offering them guidance and assistance with clarity. These skills are priceless when parenting, dealing with relationship issues, or navigating difficult personal circumstances.

If you’re committed to mastering the art of rapid influence and transformation, this training is an indispensable investment in your personal and professional growth.

Essential Takeaways: What You’ll Learn From This…

Break free from limiting thought patterns: Gain the hypnotic tools to breakthrough your own negative thinking to expand your mind to possibilities.

Deepen connections: Get the subliminal influence tools to connect with others on a profound level, even those who oppose you the most.

Navigate conflicts effortlessly: Acquire "Ninja" hypnosis strategies to navigate disagreements and turn the worst conflicts into productive conversations.

Influence others with immediate impact: Master the art of persuasive communication, enabling you to influence others with precision and absolute confidence.

Become a strategic leader: Develop the skills to lead strategically in any situation, emerging as a confident, decisive, natural leader.

Discover hidden possibilities: Step outside the box of conventional thinking and uncover new solutions and opportunities.

Tap into your creative potential: Awaken your innate creativity and unleash your imagination to innovate and problem-solve.

Become a faster learner and efficient problem solver: Benefit from the exclusive Structural Psychology for Transformation by transforming your strategic thinking abilities.

Achieve your goals faster.

….and Much More….

Empower yourself to handle negative people and influence others without fear. Join our 3 Day Zoom Introduction to Hypnosis Training and gain immediate confidence in your ability to communicate effectively.

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