Internationally Certified NLP MASTER Practitioner Training Feb 2-9, 2021 EDMONTON


NOTE: All prices are in US dollars.
Early Bird Discount Expiring Oct 15, 2020
LIMITED SEATING – ONLY 14 people admitted


You are about to enroll in the most advanced, strategic NLP Training. This NLP Master Practitioner training goes beyond just NLP and takes you into  Ericksonian Hypnosis. This is the mother framework for NLP.

What You’ll Learn

  • Creative Genius strategies
  • Therapeutic change
  • Milton Erickson hypnotic protocols and strategies
  • Advanced covert influence skills
  • Deep trance phenomena and deep trance work
  • Advanced NLP intervention strategies for therapeutic work
  • Advanced NLP coaching skills
  • NLP Master Practitioner coaching strategies and relationship coaching

When you enroll in this most powerful NLP Master Practitioner training you will join our community dedicated to preserving the purity and excellence of these methods. You will also take your personal and professional life to a whole new level.

*Please read the Training Guarantee and Cancellation/Refund Policy.