Hypnotic Storytelling – Online Course


Online Course Dates:
August 7-11, 2020


Are you a hypnotist who wants to become even more mesmerizing and consistently effective, or are you a coach who wants to massively expand your effectiveness in your client work?

If you are a coach, a therapist of a hypnotherapist, this training will give you the most powerful tools to consistently elicit rapid breakthrough in any client, even the most challenging one.

This tool will give you immediate confidence to handle any client problem, and work with any client anywhere, consistently facilitating massive results, without ever having to worry you won’t be able to help someone.

Hypnotic storytelling is a skill you can take anywhere and instantly transform the social context you are in. You can turn the most boring social situation into a fun interaction, a high- pressure business meeting into a cooperative discussion, a public presentation into an exciting experience for everyone, a class into an inspiring adventure.

Because stories, when told in a specific way, are one of the most powerful covert hypnosis tools, they speak directly to the unconscious mind of anyone, they can be used to facilitate the most powerful resolutions.

If you are a speaker, you can incorporate this sophisticated tool to your presentations, and instantly increase your charisma. You will be perceived as knowledgeable, entertaining and inspiring. They will hang onto your every word for hours and days.

The course content includes:

  • How to incorporate conversational context into everyday conversations, for rapid influence
  • How to put anyone into a rapid trance
  • How to quickly establish deep rapport at a deep unconscious level
  • How to create a powerful hypnotic story, purely based on the client’s problem
  • How to use hypnosis to obliterate resistance even in the most resistant client
  • How to set up a hypnotic context, where your client will literally beg you to put them into a trance
  • 5 Secrets of a powerful hypnotic story that will turn you into a storytelling Ninja
  • How to tell hypnotic stories from the stage, so that your audience gets mesmerized
  • How to read between the lines when listening to someone’s problem, and how to turn that into a hypnotic story
  • How to establish yourself as an instant authority as a hypnotist
  • How to ask questions, hypnotically, so that they will always give you the answer you need
  • The power of symbols in hypnosis, and how to use symbols to elicit change

Much more…