Hypnotic Sales – LIVE Online Course


Course Dates:

July 6 -10, 2020, 10:00 -13:00 Alberta time


Hypnotic Sales is an intensive 5 -day Sales training designed to rapidly transform your sales from a merely average or good, to superstar results.

It will work for you regardless of whether you are a novice in sales, or a trained sales professional. It will work for you in any situation where you want to influence or persuade anyone.

It works in face to face sales, online sales, telephone sales, or selling from the platform. It rapidly and consistently works in any context where you are selling an idea, product or service.

If you are serious about rapidly and massively increase your sales, this training will give you all the secret tools, the top 1 percent producers always use, to generate consistently extraordinary results, no matter where they go.

Successful sales is principle based. Only 1 percent of the top sales professionals know these principles and are able to apply them. These principles literally make careers.

In the process of learning these powerful sales skills, you will automatically become confident, naturally persuasive and effortlessly inspirational.

You will also spontaneously be able to find new ways to express your creative potential, just because you have opened the vault of your subconscious mind where your creativity is hidden.

Others will inevitably comment about your charisma and noticeably increased sense of your leadership.

Most importantly you will immediately notice a huge increase in your sales that shall continue and increase.

The course content includes:

  • How to make any conversation instantly hypnotic
  • How to use hypnotic language to influence rapid change
  • How to put anyone in a trance really fast
  • How to read people so you immediately know their motivation strategy
  • How to write a Hypnotic sales script that always works
  • How to deliver a sales presentation for rapid and massive results
  • NLP techniques for instant sales
  • How to subliminally program a YES in anyone. (Use this ethically)
  • How to generate an agreement from the most resistant client
  • How to pre-frame a successful sale
  • How to emotionally connect with anyone
  • Specific questions you must ask to instantly influence a decision
  • How to achieve outrageous quantum goals
  • How to make your sales talk relevant to everyone in your audience
  • The secret of successful cold-calling
  • How to write a powerful sales copy
  • What not to say when you want to influence a decision
  • How to obliterate resistance in anyone

Much more…