Rapid Therapy Process Breakthrough Session – 1 Session


Anita Kozlowski’s Rapid Therapy Process is the fastest proven way to gain emotional freedom by removing negative subconscious blocks that hold you back

Rapid Therapy Process Session – 1 Session

Are you looking to deepen your client- work skills and master the nuances of the Rapid Therapy Process for Transformation?

If you are a graduate of Live with Power NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnosis Training and want to become an absolute master of transformational change, this is the training for you.

Advanced Hypnosis Strategies for Client Work is the most comprehensive strategic client work training you have been looking for.

Advanced Hypnosis Strategies for Working with “Challenging”
Clients Deep Dive into Hypnosis Mastery

In only 5 sessions, I will help you completely rewrite your negative subconscious script that will help you gain the emotional freedom you always wanted.

You will receive a step-by-step strategic plan to get you aligned with your goals quickly.

You will become laser clear where you are going and how to get there, as fast as possible.

This is your complete life transformation process, where I will lead you by the hand all the way to success.

If you are looking to save years of slow therapy or ineffective coaching, get on board now to get your life finally on track.

Do you want to be able to facilitate deep transformations in even the most “challenging” or resistant clients?

Have you felt “stuck” in the diagnostic process, or unsure about which NLP or hypnosis techniques to use?

Not sure about the strategy to help them “get there?

Advanced Hypnosis Strategies for Working with “Challenging” Clients is your rapid strategic path to be able to effectively handle any client case, no matter how challenging.

You will learn how to structure your pre-talk to get to the root cause of their problem, no matter how deeply camouflaged by superficial issues. You will also master hypnotic techniques to get them to “break-out” from resistance and denial, and “move forward” towards a measurable goal.

If your results with clients were too slow
or not always satisfying…

We will change these outcomes. We will explore every part of the Rapid Therapy Process and leave “no stone unturned”. We will explore and disassemble every common difficulty faced by NLP Practitioners and hypnotists when working with clients.

Have you had a client who just wouldn’t
respond to anything you did?

In this training we will reverse engineer every type of client resistance, and address how to break through it. This is a hands-on, practical training where we will explore case studies, work with live clients, and discuss various approaches to help them.

I encourage you to “bring to the table” any of your own challenging client cases, and we will use it as a part of the learning process.

Get ready for a real deep dive into advanced hypnosis and the NLP Process for Change. This training will expand your mind, inspire you creatively, and give you the most advanced hypnosis skills to help others transform.

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