Rapid Diagnosis Masterclass

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Attention all coaches and therapists! What would you do with the ability to get straight to the root cause of even the most complex case?

This Masterclass is two 3-hour sessions on Zoom where you’ll learn the most cutting-edge tools needed to uncover the root cause of any problem. 

This is the ultimate strategic conversational hypnosis training, designed to get straight to the core issue Fast. 

Elevate your coaching practice with the most potent, immediately applicable subliminal influence skills. Register today and take full control of your client sessions!

July 8 and June 15, 2023 – 6:00pm – 9:00pm

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Rapid Diagnosis Masterclass

Get to the Root Cause in Less Than 2 Minutes

Are you tired of getting stuck and wasting valuable time trying to “get to the bottom” of complex client issues?  

Have you ever felt anxious when getting lost in the complexity of the problem, or intimidated by an uncooperative client?

A lack of clarity causes a lack of strategy to resolve the real problem. This causes the client to lose faith in the coach and become uncooperative.

As you probably already know, client resistance is mostly created by mistrust.

But don’t despair, there is a solution! 


The revolutionary and proven Rapid Diagnosis System will allow you to completely avoid these problems and get to the root cause fast. 

Because it is principle based and process-focused, it enables you to uncover the root problem in only 2 minutes of the initial conversation, no matter how complex the issue.

With this time-tested system, you can rapidly deconstruct the process underlying the problem, and unearth negative subconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, fears, and conflicting values, while quickly reorienting them toward the solution.

Your results are immediate and measurable.

 As a result, your client feels immediately empowered, excited and highly motivated to cooperate with you.

You will never feel uncertain how to proceed with any session or intimidated when confronted with client resistance.

Instead, you will always be able to take full control of your session and come up with a creative and customized approach for every client.

Get ready for practical skills training, case studies, breakout sessions, and lively discussions.

Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity, register now. 

Essential Skills You’ll Learn…

Formulate specific strategic hypnosis questions to "cut through the fluff" and get to the core of any issue Fast

Precisely predict how they will perform across all key areas of their life; relationships, finances, career, if they don’t break their current problem cycle.

Instantly extract the “real” meaning in what they’re saying with the hypnotic reverse engineering system

Uncover the building blocks of any human problem and hypnotically dismantle them with rapid ease

Recognize when they are avoiding the main problem and face it head-on

Formulate an accurate personality assessment within the first 10 minutes of your initial conversation.

Effortlessly guide them to dismantle their own limiting beliefs and value conflicts underlying their core issues.

Uncover the subconscious "I AM" underlying the problem (could be more than one)

Unearth all their deep-seated emotional issues and fears with just a few strategic questions

Instantly correlate their root issue with every other problem they are currently experiencing in other areas of their life.

Tailor your approach to each individual client, regardless of the complexity of their problem.

And much more.....You don't want to miss out on these key problem-solving skills!"

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