Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner Training Sept 5-11, 2020 CALGARY


NOTE: All prices are in US dollars.
Early Bird Discount Expiring Feb 1, 2020
LIMITED SEATING – ONLY 14 people admitted


You are about to enroll in the most strategic and systemic NLP Practitioner training there is.  It’s been designed to create generative and creative NLP practitioners, able to use the NLP model in any situation. Even though this is a professional development training, it is also a powerful tool for rapid personal transformation.

What You’ll Learn

  • The entire NLP model with all the processes and NLP techniques
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis which is the mother framework for NLP
  • Structural Psychology for Transformation which is the logical framework for NLP
  • NLP Therapeutic protocols
  • Experience deep personal transformation

This NLP Practitioner training has been recognized world wide and endorsed by the experts in the industry. Come on board and watch your life transform.

This training comes with a guarantee

“This training totally  changed my life. I regained my health, rebuilt my finances and found a new lease on life. Thank you” Lisa Stokowski, Vancouver