NLP Practitioner & Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification


Certified NLP Practitioner & Hypnosis is the most comprehensive NLP Training where you get a complete NLP framework, the process, and the strategy to get rid of your limiting beliefs, change negative behavioral patterns, and be able to influence others with ease and elegance.

You will learn NLP techniques, processes to communicate with confidence, rapidly resolve conflicts, and turn resistance into a powerful “yes”. As a result, you will always feel in control, never intimidated by others, or feel “silenced” by anyone.

If you are a coach or a therapist, the skills you learn here, will greatly add to you professional skills tool box, and be the foundation for the next level of NLP and Hypnosis training.

DATES: October 21-30
(9am-1pm Central Standard Time)

Certified NLP Practitioner & Hypnosis
Virtual Online Training

Certified NLP Practitioner & Hypnosis Training is the most comprehensive NLP training there is, empowered by the Structural Psychology for Transformation which allows you to master complex material with natural ease.

This is a professional development program for coaches, therapists and hypnotherapists who want to empower their professional set of skills with most powerful tools for rapid human transformation.

Your newly discovered sense of self-confidence will empower you to set new goals, and naturally achieve them.The skills you gain here will allow you to become persuasive, and always feel in control when interacting with others, or selling.

If you have no previous training in coaching or therapy, and want to become a professional NLP practitioner, this training can be the starting point for an exciting new career.

On a personal level, this training will be the most powerful personal transformation experience, where you literally upgrade the “software for your mind” and replace old negative emotional and behavioral patterns with new empowering “programming”. The benefits of this program will be permanent.

You will get rid of fear, anxiety and depression and learn how to take full control of your emotions. 

Your confidence will skyrocket, and your new hypnotic influence skills will give you the ability to build connections with others and take control when interacting with negative people. 

If you are in sales, this training will give you the tolls to triple or even quadruple your results in a short time.

Some Powerful Skills You’ll Learn…

The strategic, logical underpinning of NLP.

NLP techniques to overcome anxiety, effects of childhood traumas, self-doubt, and lack of motivation

The quantum goal setting process allowing you break through the ceiling of your limiting subconscious expectations

Value determination process allowing you to help your client determine their core values

Covert hypnotic language of influence you can apply to influence other peoples’ decisions and motivation, or to abolish resistance in others

Pattern interrupt processes to stop your own negative behavioral and thinking patterns, or to help others break their negative patterns

Various submodality - change processes to increase motivation, get rid of traumatic visual memories, abolish fears, and install confidence

Meta programs – the determinants of personality. This will allow you to rapidly read people and determine their subconscious decision-making strategies

Techniques to influence from the stage

Rapport building techniques you can use to take control in situations involving negative and hostile people, or to abolish resistance in your clients

NLP Fast phobia cure

Techniques to rapidly abolish the effects of childhood trauma

Parts Integration Process to help you get rid of self-doubt and self-rejection, and to achieve previously unattainable goals.

Anchoring techniques to install confidence, motivation, and erase fear

The principles of strategic hypnosis you can apply to become a perceived leader in any conversation

Techniques to take control in situations involving negative bosses and authority figures

Timeline therapy basics

Master the foundational principles of covert hypnosis allowing you to influence change in others, conversationally.

Attain cutting-edge copywriting skills you can apply in promoting your own business.

Model genius strategies for success, which are known to the top achievers in the world.

Get all the most powerful NLP techniques in the context of strong strategies, so that you can create your own techniques based on the principles you will thoroughly understand.

Create your own “bs detector” to always distinguish lies from truth. This will allow you to calmly destroy lies.

Master the principles of Ericksonian hypnosis, allowing you to Naturally and Easily direct change in anyone and in yourself.

Connect with the Quantum Field and use the power of intention to influence rapid change around you.

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