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The short questionnaire will give you an insight into your strengths and weaknesses. You may find yourself evaluating your career choices and relationship strategies.

The test is based on a very precise method developed by John Bailey who developed a system called Metaprograms. The answers to these questions will give a multi-layered insight into your own mind and life strategies.

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1. When invited to a function, you?

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2. Do you prefer to?

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3. Which of the following appeals the most to you?

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4. You are to be hired by an exciting, brand new company and you have a choice of a role to play at the company. What role would you choose?

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5. When buying a car?

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6. You are planning a trip around the world.  What is the most natural thing for you to do?

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7. When you  have completed a project, how do you know you have done a great job?

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8. You bought a new shirt, and it gets criticized by five people. Do you?

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9. What is the relationship between your current job and the first serious job you had?

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10. In an ideal world, would you prefer?

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