When people think of NLP, they think of some entity called “NLP” which either “works” or doesn’t work” or is or isn’t something.

By virtue of defining it and assigning criteria for ITS existence, they create a whole new thing with a whole new meaning- a third party with its own personality and intent.  IT becomes a thing..

The “truth” is there is no such a thing. What IS (or isn’t), is human thinking with all its inherent processes and structures, leading to a particular outcome, which then becomes defined as good or bad, depending upon criteria assigned to “IT”.

What we create is a function of what we believe, what we pay attention to (usually a result of what we believe) and how we construct our “reality” based on what we believe. There is a very precise structure to our creations and a well defined process of getting there, often outside our awareness, just because our bran thinks really super fast.

The structures within NLP are a reflection of mathematical structures – a direct map, where the only difference is how precisely the variables are defined (x – which is universally understood vs. “love” or “God”, etc,) and how precisely the relationships are defined – the complex equivalences and causal structures.

Math is based itself on an assumption upon which the elegant and complex constructs are created. That assumption is the wall of the matrix – the question of existence and non existence – the God, the all and nothing, the….whatever we are seeking and never will find outside of ourselves……

Nothing is mutually exclusive and everything is a part of everything, with no limits. A whole system transfigures – with a change to any of its aspects – like a Rubik’s cube. Same with NLP work. Nothing can be removed from the entire, perfect model that works synergistically on multiple levels simultaneously.

Timeline underlies it all. Is there time, is there space? In the mind there is, and it underlies all human thinking. It is presupposed in everything we say.

I believe everything already is and has been and will be. There is no duality only singularity. There is neither time nor space, only within a small context of a larger one, where there is only a possibility.

Human problems are multidimensional, holographic and based on complex equivalence, causal structures, created upon the “I am …” statement. Change that and shift the entire structure, and it will not stand anymore.

Suddenly what use to be a problem is no longer one. One may even forget there ever was a problem as now all there is, IS a possibility.

NLP interventions can be applied at various logical levels, leading to change. How pervasive depends upon how deep you go. My strategy is to chisel from the top and go for the base line – the ” I am statement”.

Techniques are useless unless applied within an understanding of the deep, holographic structure.

You can create your own techniques by the dozen IF you understand that.

Is there NLP? There is and there isn’t, depending if you want it to be.

What will be IT be now?



Written by Anita Kozlowski, Founder of Live With Power NLP Seminars

Anita Kozlowski is an internationally licensed NLP trainer, therapist, strategic business and success coach. She has used innovative therapy to change lives through a unique system that has been proven to work. As an internationally licensed NLP trainer, she has trained thousands of individuals from all walks of life in pure NLP, for which she has received recognition on three continents.