NLP is a study of human subjective experience. It is a methodology that allows us to delve into that structure and facilitate change at that level. The change is fast and permanent IF and only IF the practitioner knows what he/she is doing.

We focus on the process and the structure. The original occurrence of the event (when talking about therapy) is useful in the context of the overall facilitation of change BUT not necessary.

We can make changes without knowing when the original event happened.

NLP is a mathematical structure based on symbolic logic and few other useful “things.”

Because it is a study of human subjective experience (where all behaviors including decisions framed in beliefs are), it is extraordinarily useful in therapy. In my mind NLP s the only applied psychology model that works.

NLP vs THERAPY is illogical, as therapy is a particular context within which the body of knowledge we know as NLP can be applied. Therapy is just one context where NLP can be extremely useful. As such we cannot compare the two but we can find ways where NLP can facilitate therapeutic change. I dare to say that therapy without NLP is handicapped. How can one eliminate logical thinking from the process of intervening with human thinking and behavior?


Written by Anita Kozlowski, Founder of Live With Power NLP Seminars

Anita Kozlowski MA is an NLP Master trainer, therapist, strategic business life coach, and success coach. Anita Kozlowski is acreator if Rapid Therapy System and Structural Psychology for Transformation. She has used innovative therapy to change lives through a unique system that has been proven to work. As an internationally licensed NLP trainer, she has trained thousands of individuals from all walks of life in pure NLP, for which she has received recognition on three continents.