Ultimate Hypnotic Sales Training Sept 22-24th, 2020


Certified NLP Practitioner Training Sept 4-11, 2020 Edmonton


Certified NLP Practitioner Training Oct 2-9, 2020 Edmonton


Certified NLP MASTER Practitioner Training Nov 13-19, 2020 Calgary


Ericksonian Hypnosis MasterClass Nov 20, 2020 Calgary

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Practioner Training

Strategic Hypnosis Client Sessions

Strategic Hypnosis Client Sessions is an advanced training designed to put into practice everything you’ve learned during the NLP Practitioner and Master practitioner trainings.

You will have a chance to apply all your skills and knowledge to design practical strategies, for most powerful results.
This is a great opportunity for the NLP master practitioner to apply your creativity and your strategic mind, to find the most effective solutions, review the material, and ask questions.

You will work individually and in groups. You will be presented with case studies and challenged with unique problems Anita encountered during her many years of client work.

This is also a great platform to practice hypnosis on live subjects.

Get ready for two days of strategic NLP and hypnosis, and some real fun with the magic of it all.


June 2020

Transformational Speaker, Charisma and Sales Training

Transformational Speaker Training is about massively accelerating your creativity and becoming naturally charismatic on stage and anywhere you show up.

When you learn the secrets of subliminal influence, subconscious selling and charismatic presentations, you will massively increase your influence factor.

This will show up in your business, your relationships and in situations where you need to take a leadership position.

This program is about cutting-edge covert influence skills, transforming your relationship to yourself, and rapidly inspiring others.

Whether you are a professional speaker or facilitator, or you are scared to speak in front of more than one person, you will unleash the creative genius from within.

You will “dig deep” and find the resources within, you never suspected you had.

You will find your “real voice” and have the courage to express it.

Some will find the voice they never had. Some will find the voice they never had.

The skills will allow you to rapidly facilitate transformational change, motivate and inspire others, think on your feet, and AUTOMATICALLY step into a leader you never knew you were.

As a sales professional, you will learn the skills to rapidly quadruple your sales while ethically guiding your clients to the right decision.


June 2020

Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner Training

Enroll in the most comprehensive advanced NLP training. Learn deep Ericksonian hypnosis for Therapeutic Change. Learn powerful NLP coaching skills and covert influence strategies.

Learn the most strategic, systemic, results oriented NLP to become a creative practitioner, able to think on your feet.

Learn through exploration, discovery and lively discussions. Delve into case studies and engage in strategic interventions.

Experience massive breakthroughs in your own life as you are practicing the skills in the inspired and safe, confidential environment.

Become unconsciously competent while gaining conscious mastery with the NLP tools

Have fun with your creativity while learning the algorithm underlying the most powerful multi dimensional methodology.

The process is life-changing and completely transformational. You will also learn the Structural Psychology Systems underlying Rapid Therapy, and coaching model in existence.

This hands on training has changed life’s and businesses and is the most comprehensive neuro linguistic programming there is.


September 2020

Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner Training

Enroll in the most comprehensive advanced NLP training. Learn deep Ericksonian hypnosis for Therapeutic Change. Learn powerful NLP coaching skills and covert influence strategies

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The Ultimate Hypnotic Sales

If you are looking to increase your influence, massively increase your sales, and learn the most powerful hypnotic influence skills, this training is for you.

Selling is a function of skills, artistry and a powerful inner belief you are already successful.

Failing in sales happens at only three possible weakness points:

  • A lack of self confidence or faith in yourself
  • Poor communication skills
  • A lack of understanding the motivations of your prospects

The Ultimate Hypnotic Sales Training addresses all these key points. You will quickly abolish your limiting beliefs and confront all your fears, learn cutting edge influence skills and a sales model that aways work, learn to read people like a book and communicate directly to their particular motivation strategies.

This training emphasizes ethical conduct as these skills will give you a massive advantage on the sales platform.

After you have completed this training, you can expect your sales to triple or even quadruple in a short period of time.

If your job involves selling from the platform, you will have gained powerful presentation skills allowing you to deliver compelling, powerful and captivating sales presentations.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product, a service or an idea. It will work equally well in any context, including dating, as that too involves a degree of subliminal influence.

Expect an intensive, powerful training that will impact not just your sales bu the other aspects of your life.


October 2020

Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner Training

Enroll in the most comprehensive advanced NLP training. Learn deep Ericksonian hypnosis for Therapeutic Change. Learn powerful NLP coaching skills and covert influence strategies


November 2020

Internationally Certified MASTER NLP Practitioner Training

This advanced NLP training is for those who completed the NLP Practitioner Training. Learn the deepest Ericksonian hypnosis that will take your coaching and therapy practice to the highest level.


November 2020

Ericksonian Hypnosis Master Class

Master specific Ericksonian protocols designed to:
Leading clients to forgiveness, which is fundamental to releasing effects of the traumas.

  • Get rid of excuses in your own life and stop procrastination.
  • Learn 3 powerful hypnotic inductions to break through stagnation.
  • Explore advanced therapeutic metaphors and symbolisms in your clients communication.
  • The secret of framing in hypnotic interventions
  • Learn advanced covert nested loops Discover Milton Erickson’s secret symbolism and strategy
  • Powerful timeline process for trauma release
  • Overview of Milton Erickson’s process and the secret to his magic

Get ready for an exciting eye opener that will deeply transform your NLP and Hypnosis skills and take your coaching practice to a whole new level.



November 2020

Transformational Speaker and Sales Training

This training is based on accelerated learning technologies. You will watch yourself on video and receive feedback. You will be astounded at the rapid progress you will make and how creative you really are.

Empowered NLP Sales Training


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Transformational Speaker Training


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“I highly recommend Anita Kozlowski….”

She is continually updating her training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and licensed internationally through the. society of Nero-Linguistic Programming.

~ Richard Bandler - Co-developer of NLP

“Anita Kozlowski has an encyclopedic knowledge of NLP…”


~ Tony Robbins - World Renowned Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Anita Kozlowski is an NLP Rock Star…”

Anita Kozlowski is an NLP Rock Star. She is absolutely brilliant. Anyone who has worked with her in a coaching environment loves her work.

~ Christopher Howard - Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur CEO of Rock House

“Anita Kozlowski has a thorough understanding of Ericksonian hypnosis and can do great things with it…”


~ Don Wolf - President of Win Institute, San Diego

“If you want to improve your performance. Contact Her…”

 I need to is a highly experienced Master NLP trainer and coach for both business and personal outcomes and goals. If you want to improve your performance. Contact her…


~ Michael Beale – Dir., PPI Business NLP

“She’s extremely brilliant…”

I experienced her at an NLP extensive training in. Chicago and had the pleasure of getting to. know her for the. 1st time there. She has a real passion for the field and is extremely brilliant. I highly recommend Anita Kozlowski as a source for Ask excellent NLP training and personal coaching.


~ Tom Venuto - Presiden. CEO. Burn the Fat Publishing

“Anita Kozlowski is a brilliant expert in transformational work…”

Great teacher and transformational coach. Highly recommended.

~ Robert Allen = Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author

“She is incredibly intelligent and competent in her field….”

Anita must be one of the most inspiring and passionate women I have ever met. She brings the highest level of personal development to the table. She truly lives with Power.

~ Terry Regenwetter - President / CEO, PerSoL Financial Group, Venture Capital

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