How NLP Can Help You Get Rid of Depression

If you have been suffering from depression, you must realize you have been creating that state for yourself.

You know what depression means to you, how it feels, when to feel it, how to manifest it, how to create it and how to maintain it. You may say, it is not true because you did not deliberately create a state  that had brought you so much pain.

The good news is, you did. You did it so fast that the “how” did not consciously register in your mind. You did it extremely fast and as time progressed, you became better at it.

You mastered depression

Changing that state permanently takes a process of unravelling the exact strategy  you created to design your depression.

Quick Steps to get rid of depression

To experience an immediate alleviation of your depression symptoms and create the first step towards your freedom, close your eyes and bring back a memory you really enjoy. Something you remember bringing joy and happiness into your life. Keep in mind, these re only the first steps, and getting rid of depression will take a deep hypnotic process.

Take a deep breath and make the image clearer, brighter, more vivid, with all the elements that made it compelling. I

f there were people there, bring them in. Bring back the sounds, the specific sounds that were a part of that experience, listen to these sounds, Bring back the feeling you have now…Make it stronger and more vibrant, spinning inside, regenerating your inner energy, your vitality..and as you do, imagine that spin, spinning the negative emotions out as a funnel leaving your body now…

Now, imagine yourself as you are feeling really great..stepping outside that old memory that led to your sadness and look at it from a distance. It is only a snapshot of your life – a still picture that is now changing colors and losing its resolution.

It feels different looking at it from a distance.

Now, expand your eye and see beyond the borders of that experience…all the possibilities to feel happy as you know how to..options to choose a different reality…options to focus on things other than the thing that used to bother you…

Put some vibrant music inside your mind, the kind you enjoy hearing…fill your mind and your solar plexus with this sound….notice how easily you can change your state when you decide to focus on something different…

This is a good start…

Now you are in a state where deep hypnosis work can begin and quickly help you alleviate what you have been suffering from.

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