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Structural Psychology for Transformation

The Cornerstone of Anita Kozlowski’s Rapid Therapy,
NLP, and Hypnosis Training

Become a Rapid Master Hypnotist and NLP Master
with the Most Powerful Tool on the Planet

Learn Faster, Retain Everything, Expand Your Learning Capacity

Structural Psychology for Transformation is your vehicle to massively expand your learning capacity.  

It is the logical underpinning of Accelerated Learning process, where in a short time you can master sophisticated material, and never forget it.

“Structural Psychology for Transformation allows you to “absorb”
and store the learning at your subconscious level, so that
it becomes a part of you, and you cannot forget it.”

How do I improve with Structural Psychology for Transformation?

With Structural psychology for Transformation, you become a “learning machine”, able to creatively solve the most complex problems, and help any client, no matter how “complicated” their problem. You will also be able to”

Give Your Brain a Turbo Charge…

Quickly become strategic in your thinking

Much more efficient in your client work

Streamline your therapy sessions

Get FAST and precisely measurable results

Become creative and innovative in your approach to clients

Maximize the power of NLP and hypnosis

Come up with techniques to help clients, on the spot

Expand the power of your intuition

Become more creative with your answers when you must come up with a quick answer

Cut through the “bs” factor and get to the root of the problem

Never face a dilemma how to help a client or how to respond in challenging situations

Rapidly develop strategic leadership skills

How did Structural Psychology Come About?

As a student of the mind, mathematician, and a logician working with mathematical models, I saw a huge gap between what was being done in traditional psychotherapy, and what was possible to achieve.

I developed Structural Psychology System after getting very frustrated with the inefficient traditional counseling processes which are largely based on guessing and where a therapist or a coach attempts to get the client to “comply” with the direction set by the therapist.

I knew there was a logical base to human thinking and deciding, I decided to develop a system which
would tap into this inherent process and make the coaching and therapy processes more efficient.

As a result, my therapeutic process became streamlined and is always effective, with precise, measurable results.

Structural Psychology for Transformation
Structural Psychology for Transformation

It Works So Effectively Because…

The system, which is based on pure mathematical principles and Neuroscience is precise, logical, and immediately effective.

How Does Structural Psychology Interface with NLP and Hypnosis?

NLP and hypnosis are tools which work well if you apply them into the system of human thinking you are dealing with. 

Unless this happens, you are equipped with techniques and approaches you have no idea how to use. I have seen this many times – NLP practitioners who have no idea how to get results with the methodology.

With Structural Psychology for Transformation, you will be able to apply NLP techniques with precision and adapt them to each unique case you are working with. 

You will never have to memorize techniques or read a script, and
instead be able to creatively work with any client you meet

Examples of What You Can Achieve with Structural Psychology for Transformation

A student discovering significant music talents

Immediate quadruple in sales

Instant records in running

A student spontaneously creating poetry

Spontaneous recovery from chronic illness

Ability to help a client break through a significant issue in less than 5 minutes

Ability to remember a 180-page book and retain the information a year later

Ability to create content for a 10 - day training, in less than 2 days

“With Structural Psychology for Transformation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming
and hypnosis become FULLY alive.”

Structural Psychology for Transformation

Structural Psychology is the logical underpinning of accelerated learning
and strategic subliminal communication which is the Cornerstone of ALL her Courses Below…


Structural Psychology for Transformation

Anita Kozlowski’s Transformational Courses

Anita Kozlowski Transformational Speaker Training
Anita Kozlowski Transformational Speaker Training
Anita Kozlowski Transformational Speaker Training
Anita Kozlowski Transformational Speaker Training
Anita Kozlowski Transformational Speaker Training
Anita Kozlowski Transformational Speaker Training

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Mastery in any endeavour is underpinned by a very precise and logical system. All beauty is inherently logical ~ Anita Kozlowski


“I highly recommend Anita Kozlowski….”

She is continually updating her training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and licensed internationally through the. society of Nero-Linguistic Programming.

~ Richard Bandler - Co-developer of NLP

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~ Tony Robbins - World Renowned Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Anita Kozlowski is an NLP Rock Star…”

Anita Kozlowski is an NLP Rock Star. She is absolutely brilliant. Anyone who has worked with her in a coaching environment loves her work.

~ Christopher Howard - Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur CEO of Rock House

“Anita Kozlowski has a thorough understanding of Ericksonian hypnosis and can do great things with it…”

She is a Super Star!

~ Don Wolf - President of Win Institute, San Diego

“If you want to improve your performance. Contact Her…”

 I need to is a highly experienced Master NLP trainer and coach for both business and personal outcomes and goals. If you want to improve your performance. Contact her…


~ Michael Beale – Dir., PPI Business NLP

“She’s extremely brilliant…”

I experienced her at an NLP extensive training in. Chicago and had the pleasure of getting to. know her for the. 1st time there. She has a real passion for the field and is extremely brilliant. I highly recommend Anita Kozlowski as a source for Ask excellent NLP training and personal coaching.


~ Tom Venuto - Presiden. CEO. Burn the Fat Publishing

“Anita Kozlowski is a brilliant expert in transformational work…”

Great teacher and transformational coach. Highly recommended.

~ Robert Allen = Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author

“She is incredibly intelligent and competent in her field….”

Anita must be one of the most inspiring and passionate women I have ever met. She brings the highest level of personal development to the table. She truly lives with Power.

~ Terry Regenwetter - President / CEO, PerSoL Financial Group, Venture Capital

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