Symbolic Logic in “NLP”

Human thinking process is logical. Even illogicalities are inherently logical because of the implied word, Because.
To a holder of a belief, his or her beliefs make sense, and are logical, and true. For example as ridiculous it is to think that if “he doesn’t smile at me, he doesn’t love me”, to the holder of that belief, him not smiling means him not loving.

To facilitate a change in that belief or any other implication structures we must recreate in our own minds the process an individual followed to arrive at a given belief, and also its structure.

The process is no different than unraveling mathematical equations, following a logical process, with an intent of delineating “illogicalities” and thus helping an individual who may be feeling stuck on a belief.


Hypnosis is useful only when applied within the context of understanding the logical implication structure in the client’s model of the world. At that point it is applied strategically and thus effectively.

Hence the Meta Model is such a powerful tool. Sleight of Mouth patterns are nothing else than an example of a proof by contradiction (finding an evidence of something not ALWAYS holding true).