Neurolonguistic Programming allowed me to unravel genius strategies, which totally changed the way I think

Once upon a time I sat in the Frankfurt Philharmonic, listening to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. I suddenly realized he wrote it in three months, three years before his death, when he was almost totally blind, and absolutely deaf. He never heard this music played.

That same year he wrote the last massive piece, Missa Solemnis, and also in only three months. Something extraordinary needed to have happened in his mind in order to have been able to accomplish these works.

How did he do it? What needed to have happened in his mind in order to have been able to create it? I realized it was already there.

He was in an altered state of pure inspiration, where he heard the music in full spectrum, where he felt it, and then took a pencil and copied what was already fully present in his mind. He recreated what was.

He created a mirror image of what existed in his mind, inspired by his creativity, determined by his focus when he was recreating.

When we listen to Beethoven’s music, we are experiencing Beethoven’s inspiration, witnessing the mirror image of what existed in his mind three months before the written score “saw” the daylight.

The implications of this realization were enormous. I realized we are always recreating. We are merely creating a mirror image of what already is.

We are accessing what exists in our mind, and that which we generate in the form of a result, is merely a reflection of the perfect prototype deep inside.

When you look at your results today, these are a masterpiece. You achieved what you have based on the decisions you made some time ago. You did something well and consistently to have arrived at this place. Even if you do not like your results, these are a masterpiece.

This is why  Neurolinguistic Programming is a study of success.

We study what people do well and how they do it.

I suddenly realized we must master the ability to access the perfect state for a particular result. This ability is inherently a part of who we are. Inside each and every one of us there exists a genius, an unlimited potential.

Before accessing this state, we must be inspired by something, and that something comes from outside the box of limitations or constraints we have accepted as our scope for living a life.

Imagine running inside a black circle which is surrounded by a large white square. Until you perceive a reality other than what is inside the square, you will be running in circles, incapable of changing anything. You are limited by the constraints of the circle.

With Neurolinguistic Programming you will quickly become aware of your limitations and able to make the exit.

There always exists more and better, and greater and the not discovered yet. Exiting the safety of what we think “all there is”, is the only way to access our genius and achieve extraordinary results.

This sudden flash of insight became the platform for my own creation and clients work. It has also become the platform for teaching seminars, facilitating transformation, and redesigning the system for achieving goals.

I have created and tested a formula to accomplish goals, far different from what we were taught. I

t is the subject of a book I am currently writing.

In the process I have witnessed people accomplish extraordinary things; from earning massive amounts of money to spontaneously healing themselves.

I incorporated these insights into my NLP Practitioner training.

Here you have a real opportunity to discover your inner genius and write a new script for your life.

If you are unhappy with your results, accept them as a measure of success and change the way you do things. There is always a new way and a new discovery just around the corner.

Imagine how many symphonies have not yet been written. Imagine what remains hidden within your creative potential. Why not explore that territory and write a new chapter for your life?

Why not explore the next step with our NLP Practitioner Training?