Live With Power Principles

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Live with Power Mission


To make this world a better place, by enhancing the lives of those we encounter through cutting edge transformational education, consulting, counseling and therapy. Our Mission is to facilitate individuals expressing their full potential in the areas of personal achievement, family, community and the world at large.


Live with Power Vision


We are a leading edge human potential training institute, bringing the newest transformtional technologies to people around the world in the spirit of ethical application of knowledge. Through our programs, we empower our clients to become the best they can be, thus strengthening the fabric of good will around the world, leading to a more peaceful world for all.

My commitment to you…

We are committed to helping you bring out the best you can be, express your full potential in all aspects of your life in the spirit of confidence and curiosity. We are committed to creating for you the most enjoyable learning experience and invite you to become a part our ongoing Live with Power monthly Mentor program. 


Live with Power Philosophical Foundation

All humans have the ability and the right to live full and happy lives.

All human emotions, decisions, strategies and behaviours have an inherently built in structure that is unique to an individual. As such, these can be quickly changed by changing their underlying structure.

Any change to a structure of human experience should be attempted only with the explicit permission of the individual and within the framework of an affirmative response to the three fundamental questions: Is it beneficial for the individual, the community and the world at large?

All humans have the right and the ability to choose their experience of life at any given moment

All humans have the right to their individual opinion.

The quality of human communication is reflected in the meaning and the quality of a response this communication generates.

It is Okay to agree to disagree.

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