NLP is about thinking outside the box of your limitations, limited beliefs and limited dreams.

NLP is about expanding your horizons, and embracing change, which can be scary but which is fundamental to growth.

NLP is about acquiring the tools to take control of your mind, emotions and situations and empowering yourself to communicate with your unconscious mind better.

There are specific tools inside the NLP model to challenge your own preconceptions and to take your conversations to a whole new level. The meta model is one of those tools.

NLP is as much about science as it is about art.

Much like all great music contains precise logical framework that made it possible. NLP is the tool  for exquisite human communication. It allows for precision and artistry at the same time.

Many newcomers “tackle” NLP in clinical way, Meta modeling the world around them and forgetting the idea that is the tool for understanding and affecting a human subjective experience.

If you focus on memorizing techniques but forget the process and strategy, you are not learning NLP. You are becoming proficient in memorizing. You are inside the box of you limited mind, totally missing the boat.

Imagine yourself inside a large circle inside a large square, trying to solve a big problem within the circle.

You run around and try different things; maybe a new job or more money, maybe a new partner, or a vacation.

Things feel better for a while but nothing permanent happens because you are still within the box. Your freedom lies outside the box, and until you get out of the box, and see the box as just an option, you will never be free.

Getting out of the box feels very scary. You are trying to convince yourself staying inside the box is safer. Yet you know you must get out.

Good NLP training is about the skills to get out of the box.

We change your internal syntax and how you see yourself. We expand into possibilities and take calculated chances.

We change the way we communicate with ourselves. We become artistic with how we communicate. Within the logical structures of our language, is art.

It is hidden in the metaphors and storytelling, the artistry of working with voice, and the fluidity of permissive hypnosis we can use to hypnotize ourselves for success, or to hypnotize others to do the same.

To become a good NLP Practitioner, learn to become artistic and playful and enjoy the ride.

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