Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.
Jonathan Swift

Your vision is the most critical aspect of your life and your business. It is your final destination, the place where you arrive. Creating your vision is the most important part of life strategies for success.

Global life strategies must incorporate your reason for embarking on your journey. You must be working towards something. That something is your Vision. Having it will drive you forward and allow you to overcome the inevitable obstacles.

Your vision is the foundation upon which you build your business and your life. Take the construction of great buildings. Someone imagined these buildings before any plans were drawn. Then the drawings of these buildings were created, followed by blueprints for construction.

Once these were created, builders were able to take their tools and start building. When you build a house, you have a plan before you start building. The same applies to your business. Create a vision and a plan and start building. The end result is the reflection of your creative mind.

Take the time to create the vision for your business.

If it takes you more time than you thought, it is a good sign. It means your creative mind is really working. During the process, ask yourself questions. What does my ideal life and business look like? How many clients do I have? Who are my clients? What aspects of my business do I spend the majority of my day on? How much money am I generating every month, every year? Who are my business partners? Do I have employees? How many? Who are my strategic allies? Who are my mentors? Where is my business located? How does my business fit with my personal life? How many holidays do I take? How long? Where?

The list is endless. The more detail you can fit into your image, the sooner you will achieve what you want. In my mind, a business without a vision is like a ship without a rudder, at the mercy of the elements. It is sure to arrive somewhere, but not necessarily where the captain would like it to arrive. The same applies to parenting. If you want to raise responsible, self-disciplined children, you must have a clear vision of the desired end-result of your efforts. Every time you interact with your children, you must behave in a fashion that works toward the desired end result.

You must plan a garden before you plant it. If you are to give a speech, you must know the goal you want to accomplish and the content, before you write it on paper, and finally present it. Everything starts with a vision.

If you do not have a vision, by default you are allowing other people and circumstances to determine your reality and run your life. You conduct your life in a reactive mode, imprisoned by other peoples’ expectations.

You are the architect of your reality. Take charge NOW!

I would like to share the strategy I use to develop my vision. It works for me and it will work for you, just as it has worked for countless other successful people.

Create a vision board. Buy a display board at any office supply store. Put it up in a very visible place and glue onto it physical images of everything you want in your business (or in your life). That’s right. If you imagine having a particular office space, find a picture of such a space, cut it out and place it upon your board. I have found mine in a Robb’s Report. I particularly enjoy this publication as it contains images of things I would like to have. One of my big dreams is to own a yacht. I have always been attracted to water and dreamed of sailing into the unknown.

I have found a picture of exactly the kind I want, and I have it on my vision board. I look at it every day and I know one day I will own such a boat. I have also placed a picture of a huge piece of land where natural habitat is being preserved. I have a picture of a school filled with children whose education I made possible.

Whatever you desire put it up on your board. When you start doing this exercise, at times you may notice certain uncomfortable feelings. During those times, ask yourself, “Whose limitation am I allowing to influence my dreams”? I realized very quickly that I was subconsciously influenced by the beliefs held by my family. I grew up in an environment where the predominant belief was that only years of hard work could generate financial rewards. Young people like me were not supposed to have a lot of money, and certainly not earn it very quickly. I was not supposed to dream about boats, mansions, huge offices or fat bank accounts. In fact, having those things would mean I did something dishonest or unlawful. So, when I created my first vision board and placed a picture of a luxurious yacht on it, I felt guilty. I was stepping outside my comfort zone, threatening the beliefs system I was raised in. I did it anyway and now many of my pictures have become a reality.

I read somewhere that our thoughts have the power to shape our reality. Thoughts are energy that influences the overall energy field around us, shaping our lives. Positive, structured thoughts positively impact our reality. Didn’t you notice that successful people always think about possibilities? They have the courage to dream really big. They see opportunities everywhere. Their vision is limitless. “The sky is the limit”, is their motto. When Walt Disney created his dream he had a dream of changing the world by bringing magic into the lives of children. He didn’t know how he would do it. He just knew he would. And he did.

All great inventions start with an idea. The thought turns into actions. Actions create reality.

I now have five vision boards. I have fun dreaming up my future. My daughter is grown up and she too has her vision board. She placed it on her wall fifteen years ago and to her surprise, most things she placed there are now a reality. Initially it were Christmas presents she wanted, which suddenly materialized under the tree. Later, it was a house on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. She lives there now with the man of her dreams, and a tiny boy Finley.

Having a good life strategy determines your success. All other life strategies will only be as successful as the principle upon which you created them. Your vision is that principle.

Start today with your dream. Children have limitless imaginations. Take their example and create your dream. It all starts in your head. Have fun and watch your future unfold.