How NLP is Built around Symbolic Logic

Most people do not equate NLP with Symbolic Logic or with Math. Yet, in essence, NLP is purely mathematical, much like any great art is.
When you study human mind and thinking, you will quickly realize human thinking process is inherently logical, even when the decisions made by the individual seem totally illogical. 

On some level, these decisions make perfect sense, only because their structure is precise.

Illogicalities seem illogical on the surface, but are inherently logical, because they are built on the word Because, which is the structure of causality. We do things because we have a reason to.
To a holder of a belief, his or her beliefs make sense, and are perfectly logical, and true. For example as ridiculous it is to think that if “he doesn’t smile at me, he doesn’t love me”, to the holder of that belief, him not smiling means him not loving.

To facilitate a change in such a  belief, or any other implication structure,  we must recreate in our own minds the process an individual followed to arrive at a given belief, and also its structure.

The process is no different than unraveling pure mathematical equations, only because the inherent structure of human thinking is mathematical. The only problem is, the equations people create in their mind, are not necessarily precise, even when they make sense to the person.  Decision making is a purely logical process, which unfortunately may have some flaws in it.


NLP is a tool that allows us to zoom onto these illogicalities, flash them out, and create a logical process to arrive at totally different conclusions.

It is much like martial arts where we are using whatever the opponent provides, against them. In other words, we are using the client’s logically illogical process, to facilitate rapid. transformation.

The principles behind this work are built upon the principles of symbolic logic.

Hypnosis is useful only when applied within the context of understanding the logical implication structure in the client’s model of the world. At that point it is applied strategically and thus effectively.

NLP is purely mathematical, when we strip away the fluff of the client’s story. The principles underlying persistent emotional disorders are the same as the principles underlying genius. 

In either case, the person cannot avoid thinking logically, even if it doesn’t make any sense to anyone else.