NLP is an interesting concept. Many people search for it in pursuit of finding how to develop self – confidence, reprogram their subconscious mind and to develop a positive mental attitude. Some are searching for an answer to a painful problem they consider impossible to solve and believe something outside of themselves (such as NLP) will accomplish that for them. To some, NLP is a magic word that paves the way to easy, quick and painless solutions in the absence of the process needed to get “there”.

Many NLP trainings flourish on the premise of these expectations, and advertise quick, painless, immediate results as if by the touch of a magic wand. Multitudes pay thousands to get hold of the magic wand, and get inspired by bombastic albeit shallow promises.  Then they go home, only to find the balloon of expectations deflated and the reality is as it has “always” been – same. When the sameness becomes boring, another great “NLP” training is just around the corner. “Maybe THIS time”.

That song continues to the rhythm of the bank account being slowly depleted, and the reservoir of hope painfully eradicated.

What is the answer to this question?

The truth is “NLP” is not a quick fix, cookie cutter approach that can independently solve your problems. In fact, the magic wand exists only in the minds of fairy tale authors or unscrupulous sales people luring others into the vortex of broken promises. It is a system allowing us to make rapid changes inside our minds – with our full participation. Results are powerful and occur fast WHEN we have decided to take action.

There is no quick fix, just as there is no cookie cutter humans. We are all unique and complex, sharing one common characteristics; we want to feel good and we are equipped to make correct decisions and the ability to develop most favorable life strategies.

We are equipped with a brain that can make instant decisions, learn, decide and inspire. That brain also adapts to the current circumstances and facilitates our survival, even under the most unfavorable conditions. This is how people can find joy even amidst wars.

NLP is a system that allows us to access these resources and unravel the complexities underlying our decisions. It is a system of thinking based on very precise logic, which when we adopt, we are able to step past our limitations and access the realms of our beautiful other than conscious mind, eradicating the position of a victim, and restoring the idea we are driving our own bus. That idea threatens a many business models committed to nurturing victims.

Because NLP is so precise and so logical, and focused on HOW we design our experience and create our realities, it gives us the tools to model these things and design any patterns of beliefs and behavior. It is a study of thinking and to be more precise, a study of how your mind works.

Learning this system requires a very precise learning and teaching strategy. If you think few simple techniques will solve all your problems, you should pay a visit to the “other camp” and start inflating your expectations balloon.

A good NLP training is designed to install a whole new strategy of thinking at your conscious and other than conscious level such that you will start driving that bus strategically and at volition.

It is as if you had a whole new software program installed inside your mind, and you now have access to a whole new model of thinking. Techniques are secondary to the system you receive, which is like a Bentley Continental inside your mind.

NLP training based on techniques only is like installing the wheels of a Bentley, an exhaust pipe and a set of lights into an obsolete Ford and convincing people they are driving a Bentley.

Some become creative and attempt to put the tires in the fuel tank. Doesn’t work. Unfortunately many adopt that belief and start crying when the Ford does not even start.

So, what is a great NLP training? First, it is a process where you get to experience how your mind works and challenges you to try new ways of thinking. You must also learn cognitively and know what exactly you are learning. You must also watch some great demonstrations which get explained, and get a chance to practice everything yourself. You should also be allowed to ask questions and get them answered.  All questions are valid.

Most importantly the program should be designed with a goal in mind, and in a way where the system of thinking is installed throughout the process of learning.

A great NLP training is a like a Rubik’s cube. It is a system. It works synergistically and always as a system. You change one thing and everything changes. A good NLP training is just like that. There is a method to solving a Rubik cube and there is a method to teaching the brain how to think. There is also a method to solve problems, developing a positive mental attitude, developing critical thinking skills (which true NLP is), developing powerful life strategies and gaining self – confidence.

Good NLP training must be fun, as learning is most effective when you enjoy yourself. Most importantly, a good NLP training will delve deep into the mental strategies inherent in humans individually, and debunk the victim statement that drives ineffectiveness, procrastination, illnesses, and unfortunately supports therapeutic approaches that feed of these limitations and build fortunes on broken promises.

NLP is a method to solve problems quickly. It doesn’t take years of therapy to make a different decision. It also requires you to take action and drive the bus. Most importantly you need to differentiate between an old Ford and a new Bentley.

Choose wisely.