How Can Hypnosis help you get rid of depression

When you have been diagnosed with depression, typically you would have been told you require a lifetime drug therapy, and something is “wrong” with you. According to an established medical tradition, you are “broken”.

According to this model, you are chemically imbalanced and in need of a continuous chemical therapy or years of counseling costing you a fortune.

Where it is true our thoughts are chemical and emotional states create chemical imbalances, the traditional approach does not take into consideration you are actively creating that state; there is a mechanics involved, which can be changed, and a process you use to apply to construct the emotional state, and a process where you keep yourself in that state. You became successful at feeling depressed. You know when to feel it, how tpo feel it, how to verify you feel it and how to find it when you are not feeling it. Consistently.

There can be many people suffering from depression, meeting the current DSM criteria, each creating that state in a different way, and using different internal strategy to stay in that state.. For this reason, a cookie cutter approach does not work for all people, and an individual approach is much needed.

In order to help you get rid of depression, we must unravel what you mean by depression, how do you know you have it, how has it been hindering your life, what is it you want instead, and how have you been creating that state for yourself.

In our view, if you have been depressed for a long time, you have developed a pattern of excellence in depression, habituated some excellent skills in maintaining it, and formulated a unique approach to life facilitating that state.

Once we know the answer to these questions, we can easily change these patterns – with your permission, so that you can live your life free of whatever the original event that precipitated the depression. The original event is only an assumed causal factor in your mind, as the brain operates on the premise of patterns abd likes to create logical structures. In the absence of a logical “causal” agent, there would be no foundation to your problem.

Even if something traumatic happened in your life, there is no reason it should be continuing to impact it.

Every moment is an opportunity to find a better experience and to create a better future for yourself.

You may have developed a belief it takes a lot of work and time to get rid of something you have been suffering from for years. This belief is what keeps people in the loop of endless therapy.


Your brain works faster than you think and thoughts can be changed in an instant.

It takes only a one time event to develop a phobia. Same applies to its removal. The same process applies to getting rid of depression. Your brain is a super computer. Change the software, change your results.

Getting into the realm of the deep structure underlying your problem is easy for a well trained NLP practitioner. It is like going deep into a foundation of a house and changing the structure so that whatever is standing on top will be stronger and more solid.

Depression is a state that hinders your life. It is also a state that can be changed into a state of peace and possibility.

Sometimes stepping back from your problem and seeing it from a distance allows you to get a different point of view and see things from more than one perspective.

Impossibility is a choice. It is a choice that you have made and one that kept you stuck in an uncomfortable position.

You have also been paying a high price for it; reduced income, impoverished relationships, a lack of joy, often impaired health. The devastating results of depression can be eliminated, your life put back on track, and your health restored. Do it Now.

Book an appointment with a qualified NLP therapist and transform your life. That will be a process far quicker than traditional approach, drug free and offering measurable, verifiable and significant results.

Getting rid of depression is easy using NLP and DHE methodology. Step Into Your Power. Claim Your Life. Enjoy….