If you are looking to rapidly learn cutting edge NLP skills and strategies, you can immediately put into practice, while enjoying the comfort of your living room, these online NLP courses may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Now is your chance to learn NLP from one of the top NLP Master trainers who will share her vast knowledge and experience in the context of masterfully designed NLP training.

Introduction to NLP – Online Course – Live Training

If you want to learn powerful NLP skills you can immediately apply anywhere you go, but haven’t yet committed to an 8 day international NLP certification training, this powerful NLP course is for you.

In this intensive, LIVE NLP  training, you will learn powerful NLP tools and covert hypnosis skills you can immediately use to influence, inspire and transform.

In just few hours you will learn how to ask the most powerful questions, take full control when confronted with negative or even hostile people, how to covertly direct conversations, and how to turn difficult people into your allies, how to take control of your emotions, how to sell…

Hypnotic Sales – Online Course – Live Training

Hypnotic Sales is an intensive 5-day Sales training designed to rapidly transform your sales from a merely average or good, to superstar results.

It will work for you regardless of whether you are a novice in sales, or a trained sales professional. It will work for you in any situation where you want to influence or persuade anyone.

It works in face to face sales, online sales, telephone sales, or selling from the platform. It rapidly and consistently works in any context where you are selling an idea, product or service.

If you are serious about rapidly and massively increase your sales, this training will give you all the secret tools, the top 1 percent producers always use, to generate consistently extraordinary results, no matter what you are selling, and to whom…

Hypnotic Storytelling – Online Course – Live Training

If you want to become a real artist with hypnosis, this training will rapidly turn you into an absolute master.

Hypnotic Storytelling is an advanced hypnosis training, designed for the graduates of the Certified NLP Practitioner training who want to rapidly expand their range and effectiveness in their client work.

This very powerful covert hypnosis training will instantly empower you not only to elegantly facilitate rapid emotional breakthroughs in any client, even the most “challenging one”.

If you are a speaker or a facilitator, with this tool, you will rapidly become inspiring, able to keep any audience on the edge of their seat for hours, and experience significant emotional breakthroughs and significant learning moments…