Bali NLP International NLP Practitioner Certification



Breakthrough to a new level of success in wealth, health and happiness. Gain the most powerful tools for personal transformation.

Whether you are looking for ways to coach and assist others in reaching their dreams and goals or you would like new and effective strategies for achieving your own goals, this program will give you the ultimate tools to create personal and professional excellence at the deepest levels.

International NLP Practitioner Certification

The program is unique in that it offers cutting edge True NLP and Structural Psychology Tools as well as a  strategic method to use  these tools in a context of your choosing and adheres to the highest standards in NLP trainings, teaching the latest tools for modeling the deeper structure of human patterning, as well as proven strategies for success.

Program Benefits

  • Align your personal strengths with your professional capabilities, core beliefs and values, your mission and your vision. If you are unsure of your next step in life, you will define it in this course and create blueprint for success.
  • Learn the most advanced NLP skills allowing you to become an influential communicator and a powerful coach. With these skills you will become a true master of transformation, able to facilitate change even in the most complex cases.
  • Develop the skills to influence beliefs conversationally. You will naturally be able to help people liberate themselves from the most limiting beliefs.
  • Learn how to understand your own thinking style in a deeper way, and predict your chances for success in any given context. Knowing this will allow you to make changes in your life rapidly.
  • You will learn how to reveal another person’s “core question” in their life. Unraveling that question you will be able to direct the process of change in the most strategic way.
  • Learn ALL the most powerful NLP model and techniques, including Ericksonian Hypnosis at the highest level.
  • Learn how to use the power of intent and intention for change.
  • Learn how to develop deep understanding even with the most difficult person
  • Learn how to facilitate coaching for coaches
  • The most powerful conflict resolution and mediation skills you can apply immediately
  • Techniques to handle the most difficult clients
  • Instantly be able to get to the core issues, resolve the root problem with an immediate impact
  • Easily sort through the most complex information and extract the true meaning in what is being said.
  • Gain confidence as a public speaker and presenter. Gain rapport even with the most difficult audience.
  • Set and achieve powerful goals for yourself and your business
  • Remove guess- factor from your client work. Instantly diagnose the problem and resolve it at the deepest level.
  • Learn structural Psychology Systems – the most powerful system for strategic change
  • In the program you will experience personal attention and support from one of the top trainers in the world and a support team comprising graduates of the Licensed Practitioner of NLP Certification training.
  • Methods and skills you can test in class, and in real life, to ensure they work
  • Professionally guided practice sessions. We guarantee you will master these skills.
  • Ongoing post training support

Etienne- Structural Psychology Specifics

  • Organize the most complex information easily, getting to the real meaning in what is being said
  • Understand the logical levels upon which the clients designed their problem
  • Unravel the story behind their story where they played the major role. Disassemble the role which is ineffective.
  • Establish the scope for your inquiry – the greatest challenge coaches and therapists face causing them to miss the key issues
  • Eliminate therapist contamination – how not to pollute the client’s flow with your own expectations
  • Unravel the drivers driving your client’s problem
  • Disassemble the most complex case studies with ease and impact
  • Apply hypnosis for maximum impact
  • Get rid of your own limiting beliefs, allowing you to become a powerful and impartial agent of transformational change
  • Create an organize system to conduct a client session.
  • Eliminate resistance in your client
  • Set the most powerful therapeutic goals for your client
  • UNDERSTAND THE illogical logic hidden in your client’s problem
  • Design intervention strategies in complex case studies
  • more




Your trainers

Anita Kozlowski an internationally recognized authority in the field of True NLP and a creator of Structural Psychology Systems for change. Her clients include therapists, coaches, elite athletes, CEOs and people from all walks of life wanting to transform their lives. Anita is the founder of Live with Power Academy dedicated to the highest level of training and coaching.

If you have any questions about our upcoming events, please email us at info@livewithpower or call us at 1 877 922 6177. Thanks in advance!