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Big ideas come from understanding and inspiration. Anita Kozlowski blog is about exploring common human concerns and interests from a very different, pure NLP and Hypnosis point of view.

Reading Anita Kozlowski’s inspired thoughts you just may expand your perspective on your problems, get an inspired idea how to achieve your goals, or how to relate to someone in a new way.

The general categories in this blog are NLP, Sales, Mental Health, Achieving Goals and Coaching and Hypnosis,

Have fun. May your mind begin to create new interesting connections. I’d love and appreciate your feedback on my posts and I will make sure to comment back!



Saying NO can be the most challenging thing to do. The fear underlying this difficulty is fear of rejection. 

Typically we are scared of offending someone, or we fear them getting angry. We are paralyzed by our fear, and keep on saying yes when we deeply feel we should be saying NO. As a result we compromise our own well being, and become hypocritical.

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Get Rid of Fear with Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP is a greta method to get rid of fear. Anita Kozlowski specializes in fear busting methods. Her NLP training is a great way to get rid of past traumas and get your life on a good trajectory.

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Anita Kozlowski’s Strategies for Success

Anita Kozlowski’s Strategies for Success

Becoming a CEO of your life means saying “yes” to relationships that build you up and activities that enhance your expression as an ultimate being. It also means being able to say “no” to people and situations that consume your energy. Being a CEO of your own life means asking yourself the ultimate question; “Am I the way I know I know I could be”?

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Anita's Quotes

“The only REAL problem is your chosen state of mind.”

— Anita Kozlowski – Master NLP Trainer, Coach, Speaker

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