Introducing Anita Kozlowski

Mind Alchemist, Master of Transformational Change

International NLP Master Trainer, Master Hypnotist,
Success NLP Coach, Speaker, Inspirator and Author

“Your life is a mirror of what you believe about yourself. This is your foundational belief upon which you have been creating everything, a boundary condition for what was “possible”. The secret to changing your results is hidden inside your subconscious mind, which can be rapidly adjusted to create different results.”

~ Anita Kozlowski

You are in exactly the right place to rapidly accelerate your success as an NLP coach and therapist and take your life to the next level.


I am Anita Kozlowski, creator of the Structural Psychology Framework, and a passionate believer in human potential, dedicated to leaving a legacy of transformed lives through the methods I continuously refine.

I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with you, to help you become a real magician with the most powerful transformational tools in existence.

Anita-Kozlowski Master NLP Training and Hypnotist

Two decades of exploration, research, and client work…

My current expertise is the culmination of over two decades of research, exploration, working with thousands of clients, training coaches and therapists, and experimentation alongside some of the greatest minds in the field of human potential.

I have had the privilege of studying under legendary figures such as Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP, and Donald Wolfe, a student of Milton Erickson, whose insights expanded my perception of what is possible.

My original journey began in mathematics, where I was selected as one of 27 students nationwide to participate in an experimental advanced mathematics accelerated program.

Accelerated Learning methodologies…

NLP Hypnosis Training

This experience exposed me to accelerated learning methodologies, enabling me to master complex subjects at a remarkably young age. I apply these principles as a cornerstone of all my training.

Building on this foundation, my graduate work focused on neuropsychology, statistical modeling, and clinical psychology.

However, it was my work with clients that revealed a crucial gap in traditional NLP and hypnosis training – a lack of strategic framework for application.

Making NLP and hypnosis immediately usable…

Recognizing this need, I dedicated seven years to systematizing my knowledge, resulting in the creation of the Structural Psychology Framework.

Unlike memorized techniques taught in traditional NLP programs, this framework is principle and logic-based, empowering students to become immediately effective, strategic practitioners.

What sets my training and coaching apart

What sets my approach apart is its ability to effortlessly navigate the complexities of the human mind. With this approach, practitioners can uncover hidden patterns and illogicalities, allowing for tailored strategies that bring about profound and lasting change.

But the impact of Structural Psychology isn’t limited to therapy and coaching – it extends to various professional domains, including public speaking, facilitation, education, negotiation, and law.

By integrating these principles, professionals can enhance their ability to inspire, influence, and educate effectively in any communication scenario.

Helps NLP practitioners get to the Real root issue fast…

The framework enables NLP practitioners and hypnotists to get to the root issue fast and to devise the most potent approach to facilitate transformation for every client, no matter how complex their case.

The framework fosters creativity and gives you confidence, to apply NLP and hypnosis in new and
innovative ways, always getting the best results.

Also, expect transformative shifts within yourself as you delve into this methodology.

This is Why You’ll Experience Rapid Breakthroughs…

Through Structural Psychology and quantum goal-setting processes, you will learn to “crack” the toughest client cases and achieve breakthroughs in record time.

With the Structural Psychology Framework, NLP and hypnosis come alive, allowing you to deploy their full power strategically and achieve profound results.

Are you ready to unleash your potential and become a masterful hypnotist and NLP practitioner? Join me on this journey of empowerment and transformation.

NLP & Hypnosis training in Bali

Principle and logic based, enabling you to master the most complex material fast, and become immediately effective with it.

Encourages challenging questions and out of the box thinking. This makes you creative with the methodology and confident to apply it in new ways.

Logically sequenced, building upon itself. This enables you to learn faster and retain more.

Personally transformative. Expect massive shifts within yourself.

Rapid Therapy Systems enable you to “crack” the toughest client case and help them achieve a massive breakthrough, in the least amount of time.

Quantum Goal Setting Process. This is a proprietary method where you “bend time and space” to bring the future event into now. Energetic transfer automatically happens enabling you to achieve your goals in the time frame you decide.

NLP and Hypnosis become “alive” as you have the framework to deploy the full power of these methods, strategically, with profound results.

….and Much More….


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“I highly recommend Anita Kozlowski….”

She is continually updating her training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and licensed internationally through the. society of Nero-Linguistic Programming.

~ Richard Bandler - Co-developer of NLP

“Anita Kozlowski has an encyclopedic knowledge of NLP…”


~ Tony Robbins - World Renowned Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Anita Kozlowski is an NLP Rock Star…”

Anita Kozlowski is an NLP Rock Star. She is absolutely brilliant. Anyone who has worked with her in a coaching environment loves her work.

~ Christopher Howard - Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur CEO of Rock House

“Anita Kozlowski has a thorough understanding of Ericksonian hypnosis and can do great things with it…”

She is a Super Star!

~ Don Wolf - President of Win Institute, San Diego

“If you want to improve your performance. Contact Her…”

 I need to is a highly experienced Master NLP trainer and coach for both business and personal outcomes and goals. If you want to improve your performance. Contact her…


~ Michael Beale – Dir., PPI Business NLP

“She’s extremely brilliant…”

I experienced her at an NLP extensive training in. Chicago and had the pleasure of getting to. know her for the. 1st time there. She has a real passion for the field and is extremely brilliant. I highly recommend Anita Kozlowski as a source for Ask excellent NLP training and personal coaching.


~ Tom Venuto - Presiden. CEO. Burn the Fat Publishing

“Anita Kozlowski is a brilliant expert in transformational work…”

Great teacher and transformational coach. Highly recommended.

~ Robert Allen = Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author

“She is incredibly intelligent and competent in her field….”

Anita must be one of the most inspiring and passionate women I have ever met. She brings the highest level of personal development to the table. She truly lives with Power.

~ Terry Regenwetter - President / CEO, PerSoL Financial Group, Venture Capital

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